Like Sisyphus. Just not as good.

Me: Monday. (Big Plans. Big Things. Big Hopes. Get started.)
Me: Tuesday. (Meetings. Calls. Emails. Set aside big things.)
Me: Wednesday. (More meetings. More Calls. More Emails. Full of…little things.)
Me: Thursday. (Where you taking me today pal? Going to play big? Or little?)
Me: Friday. (Start planning for Big today.)

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Universal Truth: Nothing changes in the game until we change the players…

I’ve been wading (slowly) through this book.  The core principles in Chapter Four (“Leading People Talent to Teams”) keep returning to my consciousness long since I’ve blown threw this chapter.  Why?  Why does it keep drifting back to needle me?  Where does the time go in my day? What takes me away from my focus on my top performers?  Why haven’t I spent more time building my bench?  As they say, you can pay now or pay later.  This book is getting under my skin and moving up the rating scale.  Here’s a few excerpts from Chapter 4 of John Hamm’s book titled: Unusually Excellent: The Necessary Nine Skills Required For the Practice of Great Leadership).

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