Wally’s Great Adventures (70)

hello friends, wally here. i’m sorry for being away so long. my friend ray from nashville sent me an email and he said it looked like dad dumped me, and that he’s fallen in love with something called a cigaret, or signet or some stoopid white fluffy thing. i thought about that and it all made sense and would explain why i kept asking dad to borrow his laptop and he wouldn’t let me. he must have been sending love notes to his cigaret. and, oh, just when you think it couldn’t get worse, mom dropped me off at the vet, who shaved my paw, stuck me with a needle, and then everything went blurry and I was out. when i got up, i looked down and i was missi’g my ballies! and it hurt so much down there. i was so shocked to see they were missing that I must have passed out again. when i got up, mom and dad were waiting but dad said he couldn’t bear to look. i asked him how did he think i felt, and he just shuddered. then we came home and mom said that i had to wear a plastic lampshade on my head. and i had to agree with dad, i looked like a circus monkey and dad refused to let me wear a lamp on my head. vet also said that i couldn’t jump and run too much for two weeks, TWO WEEKS! dad said no almost-show-quality dog of his would be off the grid for 2 weeks and interrupt training…but for a few days i’m resting, taking short walks with mom and going on car rides with dad. so that’s it for now. Wally.


  1. Poor Wally. Hope you’re feeling better soon, but glad to hear from you. Was a bit worried something crazy had happened. I guess it did!🫣

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  2. Wally!!! SO good to hear from you mate!! Don’t worry, one day that cute little white fluffy thing will fly away, and you will once again have (too much?) attention from dad! Regarding being kidnapped for surgery: I am almost at a loss for words… Almost! Lol! The one thing I can tell you is this… you don’t know it yet, but you will now be able to avoid some potentially serious beatings from dad with a baseball bat! Once you are healed up, all will be well. As a bonus, you just lost some weight! It’s all good 🙂

    My advice is to rest up, pretend to look sad for the next couple of weeks so you can get extra treats, and sneak on to dad’s computer and shop for hockey tape!

    Don’t be a stranger! Remember, you are captain of #TEAMWALLY! Hundreds (if not thousands) of humans rely on you to help them maintain their mental health!

    (On a personal note, I missed you so much I almost jumped off a bridge last week! Please don’t tell anyone about that… It’s embarrassing!)

    (Relax, and enjoy the extra treats!)

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  3. Oh Wally. I know it’s awful right now but in no time you’ll be up and running and, I dare say, won’t even remember those dangly things. Plus, Mom and Dad are being responsible parents and you’ll be an even nicer dog as a result! Don’t worry, Dad’s love affair with the swans and cygnet cannot last as they will leave the cove eventually. You’ll be back front and centre when you are up and running!

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  4. Look on the bright side, Wally. . . At least you don’t have to worry about any questionable paternity issues. 😉

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  5. Patrice Werner says:

    Your humor always delights me. Wally has brought lots of fun and demonstrations of your love. Thank you.


  6. Hey little guy – you look as adorable from here (though I recognize that you’re showing us all your brave face! Feel better and know that to us, you’re no less the man..

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  7. Sorry for your loss).

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  8. It’s the initial shock of having your balls cut off. Just think, later you won’t have to worry about licking them. HAHA


  9. So good to hear from you, Wally. We were getting worried. I’m sure you will be back to your old self soon. Sending hugs and cuddles.


  10. Laughing …. But at least he’s survived the worst of it.


  11. Oh Wally, we all love and care about you, and that fluffy white creature with the sleek white parents simply expanded your father’s ability to love…so never to worry about THAT!

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  12. Wally, my man, it’s good to hear from you! I must confess, I was getting a little worried that Dad had lost focus. As for the (ahem) surgical strike, I know it seems entirely unwarranted, but in the long run it will be but a blip on the radar. In the meantime, play that injury for all it’s worth, pal. And tell Dad to go get easy on the show training for just a bit…you can do a few extra laps to make up for lost time once you’ve healed. (Just remind Dad of all the whinging and whining he did when he wore a blister or ‘chaffed’ things while running…maybe it will remind him to muster up a bit more sympathy….😉)

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  13. Wally, you can count on all the love and understanding for your situation… but not to worry, these are the times where gender isn’t more than a fluid and changeable Sunday night discussion. You can still and anyway be whatever you feel like. But it will be a lot easier… for you and your parents. Lots of cuddles and scratching ….

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  14. Oh my dear wee man. You have survived so much and look like such a hero in your chariot! Keep your chin up!
    Don’t take Paul’s advice too seriously. You will be just fine and dandy in no time at all.
    Have a word with Sully and he will reassure you.
    Friends without humping urges are the best in the world 🥰

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  15. Hmmm. I was wondering what happened, Wally. Get well soon!


  16. Poor Wally! Look at it this way – you’re doing your bit for the world, because it can’t take the cuteness overload of more little Wallies.

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  17. Lou diaz says:

    I was wondering where you were at . I missed you and yes I think dad was paying too much attention to the swan
    Get better we need happy campers like you to cheer up our day!


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