Wally’s Great Adventures (49 – ‘yakety yak’ – volume up)


Wally’s Great Adventures (49 – ‘yakety yak’ – VOLUME UP) hello friends, wally here. mom bought me a yak cheese bone that she said came from Nepal, wherever that is. dad overheard that and said what? you paid how much for what from where? mom asked dad if he was hard of hearing, and repeated that it was a yak cheese bone from Nepal. dad said it might be a cheese bone, but there’s zero chance it’s coming from a yak or from Nepal, and likely coming from some con man milking goats in new jersey. i didn’t know what all that meant but this man from New Jersey makes great cheese bones. tgif everyone. Wally


  1. This sounds yummy, Wally.
    I’ve heard of Yak Butter Tea, and I wish to try it someday.


  2. enjoy and I think that the only difference is the nj has more shopping malls


  3. Hahaha!


  4. Wherever that bone came from, it looks like you are loving it, Wally!!


  5. Well little guy, those yak bones may be imported from Nepal or made in NJ – matters little I think. Enjoy gnawing on it and look adorable while doing so – at the end of the day, don’t be surprised if dad is the next one to offer you a new one. Dollars be damned – you’re too cute to argue with..


  6. Have you got all your “big dog teeth“ yet?
    PS: tell dad next time you want prime rib 🙂


  7. Lol, I don’t have Insta, but I read the text part, Wally. LOL, enjoy those Nepalese yak cheese bones!


  8. Omigosh, Wally — I do believe your ear tips are coming back to facing forward! (I’ll bet it’s because of that special bone you’re enjoying in the video above — you better ask Mom for more!)😉


  9. The Cap says dad is the realist.


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