Wally’s Great Adventures (45)

hello friends, wally here. long day. got a lot done. electrician came to fix the internet, dad begins to get the shakes if wifi cuts out for even 10 seconds. i was helping the nice man who had lot’s of cool tools, i chewed on his leather tool bag and the bottom of his jeans, while sully was going mental barking at the neighbor dogs out for a walk. mom took sully and me to the park, i walked the whole way by mysself keeping up with sully, and i told dad that mom called me something special, which made me feel good. dad laughed and said everybody is special to mom, she’s mostly a saint except when it came to dad as she rides him mercilessly, and she won’t let him get a kitten, a little bitty kitten. i didn’t get that at all, because mom is so nice, and a kitten would be nice. anywho, between the long walk with sully, wrestling with sully all day long and watching spaz sully chasing tennis balls in the back yard, i’m like totally exhausted.  dad has a day off tomorrow, sully is already amped up about chasing the tennis ball for 8 hours straight, and dad said he will spend all day tomorrow whipping me into show-quality shape. i can’t wait! good night everyone. Wally.


  1. You‘re totally priceless wally. No need to put up with any ‚whipping up to show quality shape‘, tell dad that from me. He might listen to me more than he (obviously) is to you. But he does take pretty wonderful pics of you! 🙂

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  2. Oh Wally, sounds like a great day! That last picture should be on a calendar, or a mug or a T-shirt or something.

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  3. it would be a great stretch of time for you to train dad. good luck!

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  4. Sully, the day you get a kitten will be the day.

    Kitty will calm Daddy down, I promise.

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  5. Wally, I don’t know how it’s possible, but you get cuter with every passing day. It’s no wonder mom and dad are so smitten with you. Enjoy your time with Sully.❤️

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  6. Andy the Persian kitty says a kitten would put up serious competition to you for cuteness. Are you up to it? (Doug says there isn’t too much cuteness in the world and Wally could handle it!)

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  7. What a great day! Enjoy today with Dad and Mom ❣️

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  8. Great to hear from you Wally! I had a really bad nightmare last night and you made me totally forget about it. I’m smiling now… Thanks!

    Glad you got your daily amount of fiber in by chewing on that leather toolbelt and blue jeans! Fiber is good for you! Anytime you see something leather around the house you definitely should get some fiber!

    I don’t really think you need show dog training because I already think you are number one in the world! But clearly dad doesn’t agree with me, so make sure you have some Q-tips on hand to perk up those ears. And keep that hockey tape nearby for emergencies! If you get tired of the show dog training, just wait till dad takes a nap and then tie him up with hockey tape! That will probably end training for the day 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

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    All in a Wally day!! — cool ‘kid’!!


  10. Oh Wally, you are not only adorable, you are inadvertently wise–you are at peace with whatever plans Dad has for you, with whatever excessive exercise Sully is engaged in, and with electricians who come with appealing leather. Life is GOOD!


  11. These Wally posts always make me smile.


  12. Hey Wally! How did the “all day show dog training” go today? Did you make any progress turning dad into a show dog?? That’s a BIG job!…It might be impossible! Do you need more hockey tape? I have a warehouse full of it if you do.

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