Walking. On Sunday Morning.

It’s not the red car, but the black sedan behind it. Shot was taken this morning from across the cove, from a distance. At the start and end of my morning walks, I pull in here to take my first and last shots, but not today. Heavy cloud cover, and…

1013 consecutive (almost) days on this Cove Island morning walk. Like in a row.  It’s brisk out, 28° F, feels like 23° F.

For the last 6 (?) months, mostly every morning, the black sedan is parked here, overnight. Car running, exhaust drifts upward, condensation drips and pools on the asphalt. 

Who are you? What’s your story? Sleep here by choice (not really ‘choice’ with rents at nose bleed levels)? Bad decisions? Bad luck? Working 2 jobs, banking cash for better days ahead?

I drift to another Sunday, back in August. An elderly courier who is dropping off a package. “That looks painful,” I said. “Oh, its ok.” It didn’t look ok. He went on to ask “Do you mind if I rest by my car on the street.” “Of course, please.” I then ask him if he would like to sit on our porch, or wanted a drink of water. “No, no, thank you Sir, it’s ok.” I watch him walk back to his car, open his trunk, take out a mat, place it ever so carefully on the grassy knoll near his rear tire. Then he knelt to pray.  Sully, standing next to me, was also curious. We watched for a moment, then turned to go inside, quietly pulling the door closed behind us.

Back to black Sedan, and this morning. 

Man, late 20’s to 30’s, ~5’ 8”, in khaki’s and long sleeved shirt. Feels like 23° F, and no jacket, no hat, no gloves. His right hand is clasped over his left, both hanging down in front of him. He turns from looking out over the horizon, to me, catching me looking at him.

Those eyes.

Human. Solemn. Peaceful.

I’ll remember this.

DK Photos from this morning. Daybreak. 28° F, feels like 23° F. 6:27 to 7:30 am. February 12, 2023. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT.. More photos from this morning’s walk here.


  1. Each person’s story is so fascinating, and typically our musings about what those stories may be probably pale in comparison to the reality. Love this post.


  2. Outstanding post.
    “Be Kind, for Most Everyone Is Fighting a Hard Battle“. – unknown

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  3. And here I was thinking it was the guy with the headlights on … we do tend to be on guard and too ready to judge others. May be he is coming off night shift and likes to stop by there to watch the sun come up. I hear others do that and often take photos.


  4. His story is undoubtedly compelling


  5. You win the award for the one Blogger who makes me put everything aside and sit.

    1013, not 1113.
    You’re very welcome.

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  6. Sounds like the beginning of a novel…we are left to wonder who, why, what…. I thought it might be an old car that doesn’t start up easily, but the young guy in khakis, maybe a lover, not planning to stay the whole night, but….


  7. Wow. I know someone who lived in his car during medical school. You never know people’s circumstances.


  8. 1013 almost consecutive days…impressive 🙂
    Very interesting about the black sedan. I’m sure there is an interesting story. When I was doing a psychology course I had to return to the same street at the same time each day for six weeks in a row. I was near a skate park and I was sure the parents suspected I was a pedophile!! (I did have one parent actually come and talk to me to ask what I was doing each day)

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  9. So many stories lurking out there and we only scratch the surface. We just returned from a trip to Charleston where I spent hours walking around the old city, looking at people and places, absorbing the history that seems to ooze from every crack and cobblestone and pondering the stories of those I passed. So very much we just don’t know, and never will.

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    •  Charleston. So beautiful!

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    • Oh Lori, I visited Charleston when I lived in Toronto – in my former life (so it seems, now). It was especially interesting for me because I immediately felt totally at home, and only much later I realised that I‘m truly born in the wrong time period. Everything with a history, a story to tell (to those who are prepared and inclined to listen) always spoke to me, I always went for the flats in the oldest houses, many stairs up or even better, the ground floor ones with a garden…. And Charleston was the first of many ‚home‘ places my soul was happy. Sadly it was only on a trip, leading on to Florida, Texas, Mexico and then up the West coast to Canada….. wonderful memories.

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  10. Wow, i think i wouldn’t be so charmed by a black car with a running motor. Here it‘s totally forbidden to have your motor running…. But of course there surely is a whole life-story hidden and the fact that the owner is young leads me to a thought that, just maybe, he also had a ritual to perform, just like the praying delivery man. You are SO GOOD at seeing also the littlest (?) things and having thoughts about them. Thank you. Made me squash a tear….

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