Watch it!



  1. I want to see it.

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  2. this gave me chills, I really want to see it

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  3. Looks like a tear jerker…


  4. Such a great movie – she’s an amazing actress.


  5. Grabs you by the heart and squeezes so hard, tears flow unchecked.


  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “To Leslie” … Andrea Riseborough, 2023 Oscar nominee for best actress. Awesome performance.


  7. This description (the fast paced verbal one that followed the trailer) brings to light the emptiness of the alcoholic psyche unless the “work” is done to take responsibility for all the damage done. Those who’ve done this inner work often become extraordinary and compelling people. I’m wondering if Andrea or one of her parents is/was alcoholic. I’m wondering if the viewers’ tears are for the protagonist or for her son and those frustrated by trying to relate to her. “America Has A Drinking Problem” needs this kind of mirror.


  8. Wow. Into the queue it goes….


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