Morning Walk

“notice the dog’s tail wagging, the sound of the dog’s feet clicking on the pavement, the clouds of breath coming out of your dog’s mouth on a cold day”

— Joy Rains, from “The stress secret: 12 ways to meditate – without actually meditating” (The Guardian, Feb 9, 2023)

Video of Wally Walking. VOLUME UP! Thank you Susan.


  1. Look at that snazzy warm jacket!

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  2. Exactly right! Deep gratitude to Wally, your new mindfulness teacher. ❤️❤️❤️


  3. He is so darn cute! And can he ever motor!


  4. And did the wonderful Wally manage to bring you a meditative peace?


  5. he is your zen master


  6. Looks like he has to trot to keep up! That coat, though!

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  7. Wally is in training to climb Everest. The coat proves it! He will start interviewing Sherpas on Monday! Should be an easy climb for him. He has built-in all wheel drive 🙂

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  8. Wally barks at The Flying Lizard. Tells The Lizard to stop spreading false rumors about Mount Everest climb. Liz apologizes and hides under a rock.


  9. Wow, he walks so fast! ❤️


  10. Brings to mind the futurist artist Giacomo Balla’s painting, ‘Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash.’ 😂


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