Wally’s Great Adventures (43)

hello friends, wally here. more big news. mom and i have been going on morning walks together, well, sort of. mom carries me a good part of the way, she’s so warm and cuddly, and then when her back hurts, i wiggle in her arms to let her know that i guess i can walk a bit. dad weighed me yesterday and said i was 14.6 lbs. he called me his chubby little low-rider, whatever that means. dad said it’s a good thing mom is so nice, because if it was him, i’d be bouncing behind him on my chubby little belly like a beach ball, no carrying his show quality chubby big head. i barked at dad as that wasn’t nice, not at all, and we shouldn’t be comparing the size of heads because his blocks out the sun. well, after all that, mom said i did the best ever by walking an entire mile by mysself, and i was so tired when i got home. mom took some pictures of me sleeping (that’s the video, press go on 2nd pic & volume up!)…and dad said between mom and me, he couldn’t decide who snored louder, and whether it was a bull horn or the Metro North whistle, which was problematic enough, but this wally sleeping with my eyes open, really freaked dad out. i told dad that i had to watch dad even when i was sleeping so he wouldn’t pull a fast one on me. always on high alert, yours truly, tgif everyone. Wally.


  1. Wally, my husband sleeps with his eyes open.
    To this day, after 20 years, I still find it creepy.

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  2. So is he awake or asleep


  3. Hey Wally,
    That top photo is brilliant! You look like the world’s toughest guard dog! That photo just screams: “Don’t Mess with Me!“. Have a great weekend!


  4. Dot sleeps with her eyes open too. So funny. You look like a tough little fellow. I sure wouldn’t mess with you.


  5. Ohhhhh, that’s too funny!


  6. Precious.


  7. What a beautiful day for a walk for you and Mom! …but 14.6 pounds is heavy to carry… You look so intelligent and…so willing! I’m wondering if it’s your snores that almost wake you up and cause your eyes to open…each time you snort your eyes pop open!

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  8. Just adorable!
    I remember the times before my hubby started to snore were adorable too.
    It’s never too late to find a fellow snorer … and happiness reigns 🥰


  9. when you sleep with your eyes open, you’re deep tired

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  10. This is too adorable for words. I’m honestly not a fan of Frenchies. Saw too much cruelty done to them with their eyes, faces, noses etc….. until I met you Wally. Now im in love with you real bad.
    You’re only growing up too quickly. Soon mummy won’t be able to carry you at all and you’ll have to put on your ‘running shoes’ to catch up with dad on his long walks in the early morning.
    That video really killed me. Had to show it to HH because I was bending over with laughter (and coughing, I’m unwell…). He grinned too (that’s a loud belly laugh for you and me, he’s a bit reserved with expressions of pure delight….. – but it’s okay!)

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