Wally’s Great Adventures (5)

tgif everyone. i had a great night’s sleep. i get up once or twice a night and bark so mom can take me to go pee pee outside. dad doesn’t get up because he’s tired and he said that it’s mom’s job because mom and dad have divided up responsibilities between them so it’s fair.  in other words, dad plays with me, and mom does everything else. dad is an awesome playmate. i love my crate, it’s my safe place. i sleep in the crate until about 3:30 am when i see bright lights on, then i know dad is up reading. i bark because I’m cold and lonely lying in this crate all by myself —  i see dad nudge mom to get up to get me. mom gets up and she carries me into their bed. i wiggle out of mom’s hands, run across the bed to give dad some kisses and then i skootch under the covers and cosy between dad’s legs. i love my crate but this is a much better place to sleep.  dad takes me out for adventures each morning in the backyard where i get to hunt in the rock pile. dad keeps saying “stop eating dat.” “stop eating dat. “stop eating dat.” i bark at him telling him he doesn’t have to repeat himself, i’m not stoopid, and if he gave me more snacks i wouldn’t have to eat grass and sticks. i climb from the top of the rock pile and then bunny-hop into the bird bath. dad was so proud of me, he took a picture and sent it to mom. mom yelled at dad saying that he shouldn’t put me up on high places, cause i could fall and hurt myself. i bark at mom to explain that it wasn’t dad but she just kept yelling at him. i don’t understand why mom nags at dad, because he let’s me do whatever I want and he’s always right anyway. dad’s been talking about taking me to cove island park this weekend, mom didn’t look all too happy but I’ve come to learn that dad will do whatever he wants anyway. so i have to go now.  it’s nap time. have a great weekend!


  1. Dad nudges mom to get up to get me?


  2. It’s usually, thr moms, that, takes the dogs out, it’s usually, the moms, that the dogs go to, to wake up to take them out, unless, mommy’s, away, then, our dogs, go down the “line”, to the next person that they can, count on, to care for them, on a, day to day basis. Dogs are, really, intelligent, knowing who to go to, for exactly, what they, need…

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  3. Yup. Definitely living in that space of ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story. We all know who really rules the roost (or birdbath as it may be)

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  4. Smiling. And really impressed by the photo quality!

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    TGIF, Wally … ” – it’s nap time. have a great weekend!”

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  6. Oh Wally, you are having fun. But be careful out there. It’s a big scary world.

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  7. Wally is sooooo cute! I enjoy seeing him in your post and reading about his adventures.

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  8. He is so cute it kills me!

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  9. Um, Wally? Sweetie pie??? You know your skating a little close to the edge? Trust me, because your understanding of the divided responsibilities between your parents, sounds remarkably like Bogey and Lucy on this end..😉

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  10. What a little sweetheart he is. I agree though that those short legs are not made for jumping up and down from birdbaths.

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  11. Good cop, bad cop parents,painfully cute dog

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  12. Thank you for satisfying our need to see more of Wally! Now, I’m wondering why there’s no water in the birdbath… And if Wally would jump in if it were filled with water…and birds….

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  13. niasunset says:

    What a great adventures… I am reading with a great joy… Much Love to all your Family lovely Wally 🙂 Thank you, nia

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