Saturday Morning

I’ve noticed that people love to hurry. Meals are always quick, coffees are never savoured, glances are fleeting, conversations brief and it feels like this is becoming normal, that people only expect surface level and they only strive for surface level in all aspects of life. Mediocre coffee. Luke-warm love. Convenience. Because life is scary and when you sit with it long enough, and really listen to the silence, you notice what you’re missing, and some of what we miss, we know we will never be able to find again.

—  Seyda Noir (seydanoirwords @ Instagram, April 28, 2022) (via balancedhuman)

Photo: Pixaby


  1. The quote is to the point. Therefore some philosophers call our time the age of acceleration.
    Thanks for sharing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. Life is scary!
    Love this. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. This one….

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  4. Yes.. Are we in some ways becoming kids again, but not in a good way?

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  5. this is so true, and over time I have grown to slowly savor life


  6. Here’s the key to the benefits of meditation: “really listen to the silence, you notice what you’re missing.” Being in the silence, allowing it, leads to peace and truly being in the present.

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    The secret fo LIFE!! … “Because life is scary and when you sit with it long enough, and really listen to the silence, you notice what you’re missing, and some of what we miss, we know we will never be able to find again.” — Seyda Noir (seydanoirwords @ Instagram, April 28,
    2022) – (via balancedhuman).


  8. Retirement fixes all that.

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  9. With speed come superficiality. We have to choose to slow down these days.


  10. Oof. This one hits.


  11. Beautiful 👏


  12. I notice people that hurry seem either, nervous, rude, don’t wish to take time to visit & don’t know how to bow out gracefully or truly are pulled so many ways that they can’t get that soothing, deep breath -they’re tired – so spent…I so hope all of the people allow themselves some time early in the morning, grab a few minutes throughout the day (even if it is 2 extra minutes in the bathroom at work) and when they lay their head done on the bed pillow, take a deep breath, thank God for life…get some broken sleep…and realize that life has difficult, moments, take small steps and realize the bloom of Life and learn to be Grateful and Joyful /// Mental health issues have grown world wide – so being kind, flash a smile, lend a helpful hand, strike up a conversation while waiting in line -you never know what you may gain…”you have to reach in to reach out” /// on another note yesterday I got out w/my husband to Costco they opened early…I noticed a kind mother of two young, well behaved boys…she treated them well and others, as well…I looked at the boys and I said you have a very good mother…she said Thank You, with a smile…then she locked dancing, eyes with mine flashed a Joyful smile and said thank you (again) I mean really thank you…I just spoke the truth…

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  13. Thank you, Dave…
    I usually keep to myself – observation and then what I say to a strange…
    Going back to Saturday morning (the day after I visited Costco) The first thing I read was this:

    Proverbs 31:26
    “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.”

    I thought Wow…now I know why God prompted Me to speak to her!!! It was noticeable to me she leads with Kindness…
    This also reinforces, to me, to think before I speak, as I need to check my thoughts before I speak…

    I sent an excerpt of what I wrote as a comment to your share and added the above, to one of my nephew’s and his wife…many months ago I said how I missed a forum I was part of (it closed down) I said I would post a Bible Verse and encouragement…He said I could use daily, encouragement so daily I send them a Bible Verse, etc…

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  14. niasunset says:

    Yes, I know what expressing all these words… Thank you so much dear David, Love, nia

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