The First Visit. With PCP. (Part 1)

Her hair looked like this, sort of. But, oh, so much better. My first visit to this office, and the eyes, as they do, scan the room, its occupants, and then lock in on the hair. “How smart and understanding nature is, always leading us to the most beautiful!” (P. Highsmith)

I’m sitting on the examination table. Anxious. The paper, Crepe I think they call it, so very thin, so very smooth as the hand glides over its surface, crinkles as I shift. For protection, I’m sure, from bacteria of others. I lift my hands from the unprotected edges of the table, and put them in my lap.

I wait.

There’s a double tap on the door, and Hair walks in.

She’s masked. I’m masked. Breath flows up my mask, fogs up my glasses. Is that claustrophobia or vertigo? My head spins. I remove my glasses. Get a grip Man.

Locs? Dreadlocks? Dreads?  Come to think of it, I’ve never been this close to Hair like this.

“Sir? Are you OK?”

“I’m sorry. My mind drifted for a moment.” Please God, tell me that I didn’t try to touch her Hair.

“Why don’t you get down from that table and get comfortable in the chair?”

“Thank you.” Thrilled to get off the Crepe, and have both feet anchored to the floor.

“What’s that in your hand?”

“What’s that in your Hair?” OMG. Did I just say that?

“No, Your Hand,” pointing to the stack of medical records in my hand.

She reaches for the records, her eyebrows rise, surprised by the weight.

“How did you happen to find me?”

“Your office was closest to home, and I asked for first available.”

“First available, but you said there’s nothing really wrong with you.”

“First available, because when something has to be done, it has to be done NOW.”

“But you said there is nothing wrong with you?”

“No. Sorry. I said that my health is fine.” And then I continue: “But there’s is a lot wrong with me.”

She processes that for a moment, her eyes lock on mine registering recognition, and we both laugh through our masks.

She grabs my records, “Ok then, let’s get started.”

I shift my eyes away from the Hair: “OK then, let’s go.”


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  1. Interesting… Looking forward to part 2. It’s always hard finding a new doctor. What does PCP stand for?

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  2. 😂

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  3. seems like she’s got a sense of humor – so that’s a good start…

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  4. LOL I loved this. Isn’t that just how it goes too, when our mind is focused on one thing and trying to deal with another. Fun read. (And nice hair too.)

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  5. Michael Zahaby says:

    When I relocated here, I used to check out the doctors’ credentials, reputation, and background. Amazing what data you get on line. Good luck and keep away from doctors

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  6. Ooohhhh…. now I’m eagerly awaiting Part 2

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  7. after a bit of awkwardness, sounds like you found a mutual comfort level. like any new friendship/connection

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  8. Not laughing…yes, RIGHT NOW!!

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  9. First I hope the doctor is able to help you…I do remember that your last visit to the ER or was it with a specialist? He said you need to get a PCP!!! I braved the cold for the 1st app. of the day last Monday & there was hardly any wait at the lab!, being a holiday… It was also the first time I’ve driven, in about 6 months (3 mile round trip and a straight shot, too)… due to hips & back injury) the visit was a routine diabetes check up. We rarely go any where, when we do dear hubby drives..Hope your doctor proves to be a good fit. /// btw I know someone who has 2 appoints this week for dreadlocks maintenance…& people who have nail maintenance…

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  10. That crepe is pretty crap. Thank goodness you got past the hair and was able to connect. It’s rare these days. She sounds just right 🙏

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  11. Mmmmm
    Best to stay quiet on this post ha 😉

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  12. And, I don’t know what to say… Awaiting and hopeful for you. Hearing recently (from a few older people) what they used to hear from doctors…”drink more water–most people would have fewer problems if they drank enough water” and “tell me about your sleep habits”. Maybe one of these “old-fashioned” doctors would be truly helpful. Just saying.

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  13. Bulletholes says:

    I don’t travel much but I sat next to a chick with dreadlocks on a flight to Denver. She was young and nice and laughed at my joke about where ants go for vacation. She wore a flannel shirt, baggy shorts and hiking boots. I’ll bet her socks were top of the line. Hikers need good socks. I hope she finds someone nice to teach her to fly fish, and then she will get a haircut and have lots of babies.
    One time my doctor asked me how I felt.
    I said “I feel like finding a little guy and whuppin’ him”. He laughed. “I never heard that before” and I don’t think he has ever asked me that again.
    I’d say you are probably a pretty independent thinker to wear dreadlocks.

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