T.G.I.F. Just stay in bed…

Ukraine. Russian invasion. Wintery Mix followed by freezing rain. 28° F, feels like 18° F.  Best to just stay in bed, and ride it out.

Photo: DK @ Cove Island Park. Friday, Feb 25, 2022. 6:06 a.m. More photos from this morning here.


  1. Sometimes it is best to just pull the covers over my head, and hide…a good idea right now…

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  2. Makes sense! Not a great time.

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  3. The demonstrations in 64 Russian cities give me some small hope that the Russian people will toss out their megalomaniac leader. At least there is resistance in Russia to this unwanted war.

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  4. When I saw your pic on IG, I thought to myself, she’s got a good idea there… though why out there in the open like that?

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  5. “Best to just stay in bed,” he said as if he meant it. 🙂

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  6. Sad and scary. WWIII?

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  7. Well, I literally, pulled up the covers and went back to sleep. My power went out at 2 something, and I was cold! When the power came back on (phew!), the furnace had not. So, thanks for getting up and visiting our swan for us!

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  8. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

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  9. Atmosphere of the Air is distributed, on this blue dot. I assume the Geneva Convention is not recognized, as I’ve already read where they committed wrong, evil actions.they could have chosen to taken the small group of 13 as prisoners. Can’t imagine the Chaos & Fear. Hearts need to reach out in Prayer. /// Hope is always on the horizon /// I’m not liking the cold either, we were colder last night than you. So I do understand. Thankfully, no freezing rain here, tough not far away they had snow. Am grateful for a warm home, a warm bed, food and Love. PS No frozen pipes!

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  10. and then hopefully when you wake up, all the bad stuff is over…

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