1. shave please )

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  2. Are you sure that’s Caleb and not The Grinch?😉

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  3. That’s a stoic (and bristly) profile!

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  4. Lemme take a sniff and see what day it is…

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  5. How cute is that! I wonder if they, too, have teeny baby teeth in front like cats and dogs do. (And I just realized that since all the WFH started [and took delighted hold for so many folks], maybe “Hump Day” is no longer a real hump day! HHD either way!)

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  6. Tight lips–not sharing any secrets.

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  7. Caleb says, hmm I like this thing called a selfie stick…I can get my best side, my chiseled chin…and at some point a treat for the ladies, my sweet eyes… .

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  8. Give Caleb BIG KISS!

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  9. One day will kiss us… 🙂 Thank you for Wednesday, it is raining in here… Love, nia

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  10. Thursday – I missed this yesterday.

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  11. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I missed two Wednesdays ago … I have to share, Caleb makes me smile!!


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