Sunday Morning

How many times have you noticed that it’s the little quiet moments in the midst of life that seem to give the rest extra-special meaning.

— Fred Rogers, The World According to Mister Rogers



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    Indeed … ” it’s the little quiet moments in the midst of life that seem to give the rest extra-special meaning.” — Fred Rogers, The World According to Mister Rogers.

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  2. So very true.
    Beautiful image, David.

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  3. Ahh…beautiful, DK. And that’s why I love how the ordinary becomes so sweetly, extraordinary. Happy Sunday.

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  4. WOW! great reflection. Have you submitted any of your photos yet?

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    • Thanks Melinda! Submitted to whom?

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      • well….the first place I would go to was the local town paper/website! they are certainly interested in local photography and chances are can’t afford to have a full time photographer. then I would go to larger cities or subject idea magazines/websites. One great thing you can do if there still around is set up a Flicker account, or something else like twitter. It’s a site where you store all the photos you want for others to see. That’s how some of my friend have gotten jobs is from being found on photo sites. I think your work is of the quality that it needs to be priinted. Don’t forget to start a portfolio once you get your first Gigi! Doesn’t have to be a paid one, but the first time your work is polished by someone, make sure to have it in an portfolio. Overtime who knows where it will take you or it may jump out as a great coffee table book for your to print. They have these really upscale pricing places you can go and do total custom jobs with leather backs, all the bells and whistles. That would be a great project. Or…..thinking down the line, if one of your parents or elderly people in your life need something special to entail themselves with a photo book would make a great gift. I’m just rambling on!!!!!

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        • All such great ideas Melinda. I’m flatter you think they are worthy of posting. I have been thinking about approach Stamford City Hall and offering to donate my photos for past year and see if they had any interest. I need to noodle the rest. Hardly enough time in the day to do what I’ve got on my plate but you’ve got me thinking! Thank you!

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          • Starting with the city is a great idea, the other is a tinker thing.

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          • Thank you.


          • Dave, I did offer all my photos of my paradise town at Lake Leman (lake Geneva for the uninitiated). They absolutely loved them and …… refused accepting them for reasons of not being able to pay me for using them in their work. I never quite got over it, as I never wanted any money in the first place. I just wanted to share the absolute beauty of that place and my thoughts and longings still go there.
            Flickr for years and years offered me to buy my rights but I just never bothered. It should stay a hobby like so many others – the minute it becomes a business you make yourself its slave.
            Sorry to rain on your parade.

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          • Kiki, I’m so with you. The moment commerce rolls in, even with good intentions, the game changes.

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  5. We could probably use more of those quiet moments these days.

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  6. I found myself wanting to raise my hand and say, “I have…” and then I saw who you quoted. The child in me connected as soon as I saw your photo, DK. This one is a beauty. Thanks for sharing it and Mr. Rogers.


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  7. Stunning.

    And… when I first read the quote, I read ‘the rest’ as ‘resting’, time out, a pause, a moment of repose.

    It delighted my soul to read it that way too!

    Thanks for the moment of rest. ❤

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  8. Yes, Mr Rodgers and his gentle words…accompanied with is that the incoming tide of gentle softness…a delicate welcome to a day of beauty…

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  9. yes, those moments are everything

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  10. Fred’s so smart…. and you’re so talented, pal. Share your gifts with the wider world! 🙂

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  11. Another film I read and viewed so much about. I remember an interview with Tom Hanks that this was the most difficult of all films he made (sorry, movies!!!) because he had to learn to speak slowly….. And like everybody else, I love that double-entendre of the second half of the sentence! What a great post.

    I took umpteen shots of the frozen patches on our little lake. I even took a short and quite wobbly micro-video of a seabird who ‘went overboard’ from the icy water unto the ice and tried then to get back into the water. It did eventually try to fly (or rather flutter) and I still start to laugh at the memory of that snatched moment in time it half-run/-walked/flew off to land again on the frozen surface.

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