Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Q: The need to share it, isn’t that what drives most musicians?

Helen: I think what drives most musicians is not dissimilar from what drives most people.

Henry: And what’s that?

Helen: People want to be appreciated…

Henry: Being appreciated is not enough. Most people want to overcome something.

—  Henry Cole, (Patrick Stewart), Coda (2019)

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  1. excellent answers, love patrick stewart and i plan to watch this

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  2. Hmmm

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  3. I adore Patrick Stewart and am looking forward to watching this one. I can actually watch it on Tubi! Woot!

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  4. Haven’t seen the movie, yet, but it’s now on the list!

    In retirement, and with Covid quarantine, there’s a lot of time to ponder the question, what for, or what is anything for? I’m realizing more than ever the importance of feeling that what I do wants, not an existential purpose, but a shared purpose. It’s not enough to play music, write, read, or even eat without an outward momentum toward sharing and being with others. Covid lessons that come as a surprise to the hermit part of me.

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  5. Sorry for the delayed response, pal. All of a sudden Outlook has started shunting about half your posts to my junk file, so I often don’t stumble onto them until a day or so after the fact. Not. Amused. Need to figure out what in the Sam Hell is going on….

    As for the film excerpt, not sure I agree, but maybe…. 😉 I’m always just damn happy to get my atta girls…. 😉

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Wise words … ” Being appreciated is not enough. Most people want to overcome something.” — Henry Cole, (Patrick Stewart), Coda (2019).

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  7. I so would like to see that film, not least for the wonderful two mnain characters. But helas, it will probably be shown in my dear country only in a few decennies!

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  8. So… I’m with Lori — not sure I agree. Yes. We do want to be appreciated. To know we belong.
    But wanting to overcome something?
    To want to do that we must awaken first to the idea there is something in our lives that is not working, doesn’t fit, needs attending to. And I think the blind desire to stay asleep often overpowers the want to overcome.

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  9. An interesting reflection. Being appreciated and overcoming something may have more in common than we think.

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  10. Maybe what we need to overcome, is our incessant need to be appreciated and validated? 🤔Mmmm

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  11. Truth

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