Lightly Child, Lightly.


A moment of quiet.

The dust settles.

—  Wallace Stegner, Recapitulation



  1. script for both the opening and the closing scenes.

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  2. Have you reflected on how Tho Cove and your ritual has changed you? I asked my self if you were getting bored, probably because I don’t have any place so awesome to motivate me to go to everyday, rain or shine. I can tell how much passion you have for photography and one great thing to come from the pandemic is the opportunity to take those first photos.

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  3. Love this, pal. I see this beautiful call and response relationship between you and the cove. Its unwavering presence seems to be a real muse for you, and we all benefit.

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  4. All those who wrote before me, penned their words far better than I can…and they’re all spot on

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  5. Aahhh…. thanks for taking me there this morning 💛

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  6. Michael Zahaby says:

    Serenity now

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  7. Thank you for sharing .It makes me quiet and calm every time I see it.

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    A moment of quiet … so very much needed!!

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  9. a beautiful vista and a moment of silence – always a welcome companion…//thanks for the introduction to Wallace Stegner…

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  10. So much beauty in The Cove and in your photographs. Those colors–just WOW!

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  11. You’re getting some really beautiful photos here, DK!

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  12. Such a tranquil, slow opening to the day.

    It kind of makes me think of your heart and soul opening to reveal their natural beauty as you have continued on with your morning walks and photos.

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  13. Whoa…takes the breath away! Thank you, David! I’d put stars next to the others’ comments…so consider yourselves joined with and appreciated.


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