One pair of eyes is simply not enough


  • DK. Daybreak. December 9, 2020. 6:16, 6:52 & 7:00 am. 30° F feels like 23° F. Cove Island Park, Stamford CT
  • Post Title: One pair of eyes is simply not enough. Mary Ruefle, from “The Life of a Poet: Mary Ruefle” (Library of Congress, May 15, 2015)


  1. you just want to scan all that is around you, so much to take in, you cannot possibly absorb it all

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  2. Breathtaking

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  3. Awesome! Such a great start to the day.

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  4. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Nor is one pot of paint!

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  5. Yesterday, I called this a candy ribbon sky and I was thinking about it later. It’s like those foot-long candy roll-ups that change colours as you unroll it.
    So beautiful.

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  6. I think yesterday’s sunrise was spectacular all along the east coast. I’m not usually grateful to be awake early but was grateful to have seen it. I was reading and looked up and gasped. I think “Look Up” had better be my motto for the coming year.


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  7. The moment you show us those 3 tree trunks, I think, “Ah, the sisters.” Lovely shots, all.

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  8. So true. Thank you for sharing with us Dave 👀

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  9. Michael Zahaby says:

    That second shot blows me away. Simply gorgeous

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  10. Nor is one lifetime.

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    An amazing palette of color … “Post Title: One pair of eyes is simply not enough. Mary Ruefle, from “The Life of a Poet: Mary Ruefle.”

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  12. beautiful…

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  13. what a beautiful colours…. You are doing great dear Dave, fascinated me. Thank you, Love, nia

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  14. Mother Nature shining beautifully 🌈

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  15. Gotta view it with your heart. They’re indelible. Hero Husband tells me that over and over when I can’’t catch something with my camera….


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