Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


even when I don’t believe—

there is a place in me inaccessible to unbelief,

a patch of wild grace,

a stubborn preserve, impenetrable…

music that builds its nest in silence.


  1. “music that builds its nest in silence” is such a beautiful line.
    check this out

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  2. It never leaves

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  3. Clinging to that ‘wild grace’ like my life depends on it….

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  4. Finds me too these lines… Beautiful. Thank you dear Dave, Love, nia


  5. for once, I appreciate the photo more than the words, sorry. Especially after having seen the whole series of 4 wonderful pics on IG of Mennyfox. To recommend!
    But thanks anyway, Pal. Maybe it’s about your lack of faith, or Anna’s…

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  6. maybe this all we need!
    holding on to my patch like one wraps their hand around a candle flame in the dark. I cannot afford to lose this flame.

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Music and Silence, Silence and music … the perfect combination!

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  8. Clinging to that patch – though I never thought it was there in the first place.

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  9. Evocative image…first light of day, illuminating the mostly obscured under covers…red headed, bed headed young women…perhaps contemplating what she is viewing on her laptop which is giving off a low glow…as she misses the beauty of the sunrise…and then I think of how the sunlight reflects off her focused right eye, penetrating, sending signals coursing throughout the cells of her biology as the gift of natural sunlight…awakes life…in all of us since the beginning of time…the cycle of life, the seasons of the physical planet, and all inhabitants, of air, land (including the precious soil) and sea…and us humans since the beginning, today and those yet to be born…the sun light constitutes the whole.

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  10. Anna Kamienska experienced a lot of pain during a horrendous chapter of personal and world history. She later witnessed much Beauty finding Joy in Living. She articulated, masterfully & deeply.
    When I read your offering of her words, I thought this.
    Grace, encompasses.
    Root of Soul, calls.
    Some seek and cling to the Root, of God’s Gift.
    All Benefit.

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  11. This redheaded woman and her dark eye go so well with the photo and “there is a place in me inaccessible to unbelief,…” She’s not feeling it but she knows…it’s there somewhere.

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