Sunday Morning

I could not predict the fullness
of the day. How it was enough
to stand alone without help
in the green yard at dawn.

How two geese would spin out
of the ochre sun opening my spine,
curling my head up to the sky
in an arc I took for granted.

And the lilac bush by the red
brick wall flooding the air
with its purple weight of beauty?
How it made my body swoon,

brought my arms to reach for it
without even thinking.


In class today a Dutch woman split
in two by a stroke—one branch
of her body a petrified silence—
walked leaning on her husband

to the treatment table while we
the unimpaired looked on with envy.
How he dignified her wobble,
beheld her deformation, untied her

shoe, removed the brace that stakes
her weaknesses. How he cradled
her down in his arms to the table
smoothing her hair as if they were

alone in their bed. I tell you—
his smile would have made you weep.


At twilight I visit my garden
where the peonies are about to burst.

Some days there will be more
flowers than the vase can hold.

—  Susan F. Glassmeyer, “I Tell You” from Body Matters. (Pudding House Publications, 2009)


  • Poem: Thank you Beth @ Alive on All Channels
  • Photo: DK. Daybreak. October 4, 2020. 6:30 am, Cove Island Park, Stamford CT.


  1. that final line….. everything

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  2. Great photo to go with the poem.

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  3. * wow *

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  4. Wow – the words were enough to reduce me to a puddle – the captured birds in flight held me up.

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  5. the fullness of the day…beautiful words David…sending joy hedy ☺️💫

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  6. Between Sawsan’s video on IG of the waves and my walk along the river to watch the sun creep across the sky in pink and rose tendrils….

    And now this….

    Ah yes. This is life.

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “Fullness of the day’ … Susan F. Glassmeyer, “I Tell You” from Body Matters. (Pudding House Publications, 2009).

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  8. Susan F. Glassmeyer, works on people who’s bodies are in pain, some born w/deformities & some dealing with the aftereffects of accidents…such a noble calling to help those who need relief… I suffer from the aftereffects of accidents…I am so thankful to have regained a functional walk, though not like it was before…/// Yesterday, at the grocery store I noticed a little mid- red headed, girl about 5 years old, from behind clutching to the clothes of her mother. Dragging her right leg…obvious she was born with a hip issue…later I was facing her and her Mom, the beautiful child was holding onto the side of the shopping cart…I said hello your daughter has such beautiful hair the beautiful child’s face light up a glow…she had such a great smile…she was obviously a happy child…I wondered how many people might never look pass, her disability and she that she has worth & they also miss the Beautiful Light in Her Face.

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  9. What a gorgeous piece of writing. The close was stunning, but this line also brought me up short…

    “I tell you—
    his smile would have made you weep.”

    Love like that is so rare. Touched me to the marrow…..

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