Monday Morning (Epilogue)

Yesterday’s post, yesterday’s comments. Loved them. Link here.

The ask was: “Two different cameras, shot taken 1 minute apart, two different perspectives. What’s your favorite?” Same photos above.  Here’s my take.

  1. I didn’t really See them until I was at my desk, at home. Wow. What a difference!
  2. One taken with a camera that had dials for aperture, for shutter speed, for exposure compensation.  So it had to be better.
  3. One had a separate, expensive zoom lens. So, it had to be better.
  4. One camera was so much bigger than the other. And was made for still photography. And was so much more expensive then the other. So it had to be better.

Photo 1: Came from an iPhone, zoomed 2x. No other alterations.

Photo 2: Came from a Fuji X-T4 with a 50mm x 140mm zoom lens. No alterations.

I stared at the iPhone photo.  I wasn’t there. Not with this scene. Not with these vibrant colors. Yet, I was drawn to this photo. “Warmer” (Beth, Darlene, Jnana, Michael, yes.) “Better composition with light and dark contrast.” (Jnana, Lori, yes.) “Bright, depicts the awakening of life…under the kiss of blush” (Christie, Louise.  Yes.)

No. No. But it just can’t be.  It had to be an aberration.

So I did it all over again this morning. Except this time, I took 20 shots with each camera.

Result: Same.

Can’t be the camera. Can’t be. Has to be the Operator. What an amateur.  Can’t be the camera. Not with the money sunk into this device.

I’m standing under a hot shower a few minutes later, thinking about the photos.

I think I need a Canon.

Inspired by Jnana Hodson‘s review of my shots —  some day I hope to see and be 50% as good Jnana.

“The top one, though I would try to level the water to flat horizontal rather than its current slight tilt. It’s warmer and speaks of sunrise. The bottom photo is tonally too muddy. There’s no light detail and no distinctly dark contrast. Also, the right side of the shot lacks the compositional closure the bit of land gives the top shot, balancing the land on the other side, even though the power lines are a bit of clutter. That detail invites the eye out into the bay beyond before returning to the heron or egret in the foreground.”


  1. chicken or the egg?

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  2. Incredible. I need a new phone and a new camera but can only afford one right now. Think I´ll just get a new phone.

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  3. The first one is sure several notches higher than the second one!

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  4. I am cracking up here. It’s just like on vacation when my hubby takes out his camera and lenses (a Canon) and I take a photo with my iPhone. I don’t how it does it, but it works. Hang in there… and maybe take an online photography course 😉

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  5. Michael Zahaby says:

    Save you shekels. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Both are lovely. Each in their own way

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  6. ok, this guy is into photography or is a professional photographer because he shared every detail that I might have seen…or partly seen but was going for the big picture not every detail. I guess tha’ts the difference you will see one day. Yes the horizon needs to be level but I just went for whcih photo hit me at first glance. Keep working at it….you doing a great job. It’s great to have a professional critic, it can help you learn. 🙂

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  7. Suffice it maybe to say that all my cameras are set on Automatic these past adult decades, BUT.. I have played with uploaded photos from many various phones and one point-and-shoot camera ’til I myself am blue in the face — contrast, color, warmth, lightening, darkening: The top photo looks like it could not be darkened and successfully hold its magic. The bottom photo looks like it could be lightened and that this would only add to its beauty (hence, my strong feeling that the bottom shot was from your camera).

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  8. I’m kind of stuck on Nikon.

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  9. If it’s any consolation, David, the same thing happens to me with my Samsung (version 8, not even latest) and my Canon Rebel EOS SL1 (not a top model, but still). I’m thinking the problem, for me, lies between the camera and the eye taking the pictures. I think it’s a fluke when I take good ones, to be honest.
    Today’s phone cameras are so advanced, the art of photography has been handed over to the masses. Sure, you need to have an eye and know how to frame but still. I didn’t even bother bringing my big camera on my last vacation! Who wants to lug all that around? I still love to take it out for macro, though. Or for special occasions.

    Both of your photos are lovely, just so you know.

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  10. David – thanks for this part one and part two, love it. Indeed the latest software on phones is amazing for photography. Full disclosure … I am a Fujifilm shooter as well (X Pro 3) and often use both phone and camera for similar shots. With the right camera settings though and post-processing as needed, my camera gives me a better result. As they say though, the best camera is the one that is with you in hand. Keep up with the photography, love to see it!

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    • Hey Michael. No doubt the operator of the Fuji X-T4 is clueless and doesn’t know how to maximize his tools here. I’m determined to stick with this. It will take me years, but I’m on it. Thanks for the encouragement.


  11. maybe this weekend you should sit on the bench at the park and draw a sketch of what you see. Then we can compare that to the iPhone and the Fuji photos…


  12. DK! Why are you in your head? when nature only speaks to our heart? The iPhone photos are amazing. It’s enough! 👏👏

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  13. Dave, info I think you’d enjoy & find informative

    Years ago I used to glance at a blog…the blog featured photos of their own taken only with an I-phone…

    thought this would be of interest an I-phone competition that I’ve also glanced at over time…
    these are the award winners for 2020 some real wowers

    and I also googled and found this interesting:

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  14. I’m gonna ride Karen’s vibe. Think that you get all up in your head when you pick up the ‘real camera,’ whereas you just go with your heart and snap what delights you with your phone. Less pressure so you relax and let your creative eye shine. Just sayin’…

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