T.G.I.F.: Running. With Mother Goose (3).

4:48 a.m. 8 hours of sleep. Rested.

I jump out of bed.  Dress. Gear up.

It’s 5:04 a.m., and I’m out the door. Running. With Mother Goose. (Again.) 9th consecutive day pulled outside by The Call of the Wild.

44° F, feels like 42° F.  No wind. No traffic. Dark. Full moon beams from up above.  Jenny Offill: “The moonlight through the windshield. No one talks.

Same route.  Down the hill. Around the corner. Down the street to U.S. 1.

There, up ahead, silhouetted under the street lamp, is the Masked Woman. 5:09 a.m. Can’t be her. No chance. She hustles across the street. I glare at her.  You better make way for me Lady.  She says nothing, but sweeps both hands up to cover her face. It’s going to be a good day.

I run.

Down U.S. 1. I work my way around the construction, crossing the bridge, the highway and into The Cove.

The same pair of geese stand at the entrance, that’s them in the photo above.

I pause for a moment to snap the shot, and keep moving, pulled forward towards the main performance.

The same acceleration of heartbeat.

The same anticipation.

The male, her mate, is standing on the break wall.

And then…

There she is.

There they are.

Miracle, all of it.


  • Photos: Mine. May 8, 2020. Cove Park. Stamford, CT.
  • Post inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”


  1. Well now you have to visit the babies every day and see how they grow!

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  2. Beautiful photo of Mother Nature in action
    Worth getting up early to see and photograph
    Rest your knees… even elite runners take one day off out of seven.
    Remember, we are not as young as we used to be and heal slower.
    Signed, the guy who knows that all too well

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  3. Sawsan says:

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  4. I love it!

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  5. How wonderful!!

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  6. Your photo. The beat of my heart — hop, skip and a jump. Oooohhhh. Miracle. All of it.

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  7. Love this little morning ritual. Next up…names for everyone. 😉

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  8. Listen to Ray… But am I ever glad you did go today and caught the whole family! This has been a wonderful three-part story, David!

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  9. Carolyn says:

    Perfect! Thanks so much for sharing these “goose” moments.

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  10. WOW! ❤ I think God invited you, in His way, but WOW again — 8 hours' sleep?! 🙂
    Thank you for these photos.

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  11. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Simply awesome … “The male, her mate, is standing on the break wall. And then … There she is. There they are. Miracle, all of it.”

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  12. wonderful that you were able to capture this miracle of life. I think you should name the two goslings after your own children… 🙂

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  13. Thanks to WP ignoring me still, again and again, I seem to miss my precious DK outpourings.
    This is WonderFull…

    Full of wonders, indeed. How lucky can you get?! And gorgeous pixies too. Thanks a lot. ❤

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  14. ‘Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.‘ Mary Oliver

    Rats and now baby Geese!! See the joy and teachings nature brings you!! 👏🌿🌈✨🌈

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  15. Christie says:

    Such a precious gift…to see the babies, darling family, full of love…Nothing like Anticipation, Realized! So thrilled of the rest of the miracle…you Had Eight Hours of Sleep!!! When was the last time that happened? You have the ability to see, to walk, to run and you have a cell camera , plus the ability to write so well and you share your experienced Joy! Thanks for being you, DK…Kindly, Christie

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  16. Christie says:

    ha, and now that I posted the comment I see what Karen shared…yes, what Mary Oliver, said…

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  17. Christie says:

    We walked along the creek this morning hoping to find the Mallard pair, not luck with that…the wildflowers & trees are so pretty…the creek sounds so soothing…we had to cross a piece of road maybe 12 feet wide that spans the small with of the creek…he and the pup were slightly ahead and an old man in an SUV with a cute pup hanging out the window rounds the corner as I am in the middle of the road and just misses hit me…I step back onto the trail and my dear hubby saw the whole thing…As I am trying to regain my shock an old man runner, my height, with out a mask comes past without a mask and he was sweating, huffing and puffing and he exhaled right into my face not even 8″ away too close of a close encounter for me…I had no time to turn my back to him no place to go and couldn’t get my hat in front of my face…I can’t believe he didn’t stop or turn away he clearly saw the near miss with the car…I hope I don’t get ill because of him!!! When we returned home I washed my face and hands, took a zinc tablet a selenium cap and sucked on a zinc w/elderberry lozenge(sp).I head an infused w/ vinegar Kleenex .. to my mouth and nose and breathed in… thankful that he didn’t knock me over!!!

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  18. all her vigilance has paid off and new life was all worth it


  19. That is SO sweeeeet!

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  20. I love (virtually) going on runs with you, David! Especially when you are rested and find a beautiful piece of nature to celebrate!

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  21. Awww! Sweet! Of course I’m still stuck on the masked woman. She reminds me of people who used to scream at me to wear a bike helmet in the middle of creation’s nowhere, years ago. A totally isolated trail in the wilderness, they approach from the other direction, we are the only people in the world, for all I know. And all they can do is scold me for not wearing a helmet. Nothing impinging on their own safety. None of their f@&king affair if i live or die, clearly. People. I’ll take the geese any day!! 😝🙏💕

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