Running. With Mother Goose.

6:10 a.m. 42° F. Nippy for May.

It’s been 6 days in a row, running that is.  Why? More on this another day, this surge of something.

There she is. Mother Goose. Same spot. Each morning, every morning. Sitting between the highway, the guard rail, and the retaining wall. Sick. She has to be sick. Does she sit here all day? 

She triggered a mini waterfall of the yesterday’s events.

3 p.m. conference call. Delicate personnel situation. I’m quiet, he explains. “Listen, I’m not vindictive, that’s not who I am. There was nothing malicious in….”  He’s a midwesterner, solemn, humble, truthful.  We wrap up the conversation. I thank the small group for providing me the background.  I close: “I know vindictive, and you ain’t vindictive. I see vindictive each morning in the mirror.” They laugh. I know, they know.

6:10 a.m. Yesterday’s morning run. 0.6 miles in. A lady walker, on the other side of the road, 100 feet ahead. Face mask on. She’s pointing her finger at me, scolding.

I turn off the music. You talking to me? I can hear her now.

“You need to wear a mask. You’re putting my life, and other lives in danger. 17% chance of virus being spread by runners without masks. You. Go Home and Put on a Mask.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me.”

I have to be at least 30-40 feet from her, 5x normal distancing guidelines. Anger boils to the top.

She keeps walking, accelerating her pace. I can’t let it go. 17%?

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me.”

I turn and start walking towards her.  She’s glancing over her shoulder.  Let it go DK. Let it go. You just can’t let a good altercation pass.

I let it go. But I don’t. 24 hours later I’m still stewing. She comes back to me as a look down to snap the picture of the Goose, who looks sadder today, than yesterday.

Are you ill?

Are you mourning?

Have you lost your Mate? Your children?

Are you alone?

I took the same route this morning, at the same time, Man Unmasked, looking for the Masked Walker. No sign of her.

You see it, and feel it in the Goose, yet in a human…?

And it’s Megan Craig who provides illumination, the light seeping in, ever so slowly:

“How hard it is to see someone else’s inner light — the thing that keeps them illuminated in dark times — especially when we are fixated on our own lives. We pass one another, intent on ourselves and our own problems, never imagining the burning fire under the dark coat.”


  • Photo: Mine. May 5th. Stamford, CT Cove Park.
  • Inspired by: From the outside they look just like anyone else…how hard it is to see someone else’s inner light — the thing that keeps them illuminated in dark times — especially when we are fixated on our own lives. We pass one another, intent on ourselves and our own problems, never imagining the burning fire under the dark coat.” ~ Megan Craig, from “The Courage to Be Alone” (NY Times, May 1, 2020)


  1. Michael Zahaby says:

    You vindictive? Nah. I’ll attest to that. You have to be Lebanese to be vindictive and to carry a grudge 13 years later ha! Ignore her. She’s got issues. And who knows. She might have issues with her issues.


  2. Ah, the venomous hit-and-run do-gooder. Ugh. Indeed, for all we know, she could just be transferring an injury she sustained to YOU, so as to get rid of it — but that is certainly not what most of us would be thinking at the time! I hope it heals in you today, and that you pass the healing on to the innocent goose near the water. ❤

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  3. What a wonderful article that was to read. Thanks, DK.
    As for that woman…What I try to do is not let someone else’s fear stop me. The distance between you two was more than safe and this had nothing to do with you at all. I do hope Mrs. Goose is okay…

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  4. Steve Renfro says:

    Follow to her car. Come back the next day and put a potato up her tailpipe.

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “I see you!” … Megan Craig who provides illumination, the light seeping in, ever so slowly: “How hard it is to see someone else’s inner light – the thing that keeps them illuminated in dark times – especially when we are fixated on our own lives. We pass one another, intent on ourselves and our own problems, never imagining the burning fire under the dark coat.”

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  6. As others have said, pal, this was clearly her crap, not yours. Keep runnin’…those endorphins will override the anger with happy feelings. And if that doesn’t work, there’s always Coconut Cream Pie…. 😉

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  7. well thanks to you not passing anything on, that percentage just went down to 16%…

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  8. I was going to say, “Don’t let her ruin your day. Just give her the finger and move on,” but then I remembered that I had a woman do that to me just the other day (minding my business for me, uninvited) and it festered all day. Usually I comfort myself by saying, “Just imagine if I had to go home with that person and live with them!” Shudders!

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  9. Carolyn Hughes says:

    Could there be eggs under that goose?

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  10. Sawsan says:

    I think they hatched already. If you look closely to her sides there’s tons of down feathers. She’s there with her little-ones!

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  11. Smiling. Just smiling at this whole exchange (and blog).

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  12. Christie says:

    Late to the thread…my first thought also was she is Nesting..the goslings are swimming in my area, saw a local photo online and I look forward every year to watching the goslings, ducklings and seeing the baby sheep (in person)… ./// I have yet to wear a mask because I am home or on a walk and most people keep their distance…I didn’t even go on my car ride the other day…/// being outside is good for people esp. now. She needs to feels that she has some type of power…she most likely makes others business hers and she probably feels scared since she doesn’t know that none of us is in control and never have been…it is hard when another directs a comment with a shaking finger that is personally direct at yourself…gotta let it go…///hmm…what if she happens to be one of your readers, hope so then she’ll see her impact and perhaps take a less aggressive manner…

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    • A lot to think about here Christie. My mask policy is like yours, but if I need to be in around others (my dentist for emergency work, it’s Mask Time), I wouldn’t put anyone else in jeopardy if I happen to be anywhere near social distancing guidelines.


  13. Christie says:

    I know that your area is hard hit, a hot spot…mine isn’t, yet, praying & crossing our fingers… God Rest the souls of those who have died and I pray for those who have lost a love one to the virus…we will be on lock-down for sometime to come… I am multiple high risk so I don’t go anywhere,, thus I don’t wear a mask, though I do clean the incoming groceries…My father in law passed almost a month ago -he lived in a state that also not hit hard…he died of cancer…we had a Zoom memorial….///tip when you do go to the dentist emergency or routine…get the first appointment of the day!!! because in the case of teeth cleaning…the small rooms can’t be cleared of the virus in aerosol for 2-3 hours…dental hygienist have been voicing their concerns for their patients and themselves…treatment rooms will need to be retro-fitted with new air filters…

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  14. i think the goose might be guarding her eggs? just a guess. as for the other runner – she is running with fear, so take it in stride. it’s a time when people’s emotions are heightened, and things that bother one do not bother another. don’t let it bother you a minute more, keep your eyes ahead and don’t look back.

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  15. Great post and comments and a deep reminder that everyone and everything is our messenger. If we really listen we will hear what they are saying to us. 🙏🏻

    ‘The goose is a wonderful navigator, so the goose symbolism is trying to tell us it is about time we look at the direction of own life and understand the way in which we are navigating what is going on for us in this moment? It reminds us to be ourselves and to be genuine and not what other people expect us to be.’

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  16. What great lessons … others fears can obstruct and aggravate. Let them go and be kind. Take care of ourselves rather than let other’s agitation into our lives. Be curious about nature. A nesting goose feeling right at home. Thank goodness you don’t have a dog to bring havoc and mayhem into this unveiling 🙏

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  17. Wow, DK – the quote grabbed me – hard. Getting out of the way of our own story, our own indignation – no matter how righteous. And if today, you see her? Who gets your concern – the watchful goose or the wary old lady? Is there room for both?

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  18. I’m not sure which I dislike more, the non eye contact when I wear my mask or the haughty condescending eye roll when I don’t. Here in the South (just based on my observation) it has become a fashion trend and a sort of status symbol, the rule followers and the rebels, the haves and have nots. Crazy how we can make most anything a fight. You inspired me to try running again. (Mask-free, unfettered).

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    • Smiling. I heard a pundit a few days back stating that you will be able to tell one’s political leanings if you wear and don’t wear a mask. (I call B.S. on that) And so glad that I have inspired you…out the door Lisa!

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  19. I never saw this post, but I love it. Are you kidding me? There is no way I could ride my bike with a mask on for fuksake. !! I would kill over and drop from lack of oxygen. Glad you continued without oxygen deprivation! ❤️

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