Sunday Morning (Feels like 21° F)

Q: How is the goodness of God manifested even in the clothing of birds and beasts?

A: Small birds, which are the most delicate, have more feathers than those that are hardier. Beasts that live in the icy regions have thicker, coarser coats than those that dwell in the tropical heat.

~ Jenny Offill, Weather: A Novel (Knopf, February 11, 2020)

Photo: European Starling by Ostdrossel


  1. good planning and engineering

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  2. THAT is a riot! A sturdy little starling, to be sure….

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  3. Love the birdie 💛

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  4. Valerie Meluskey says:

    That adorable creature sure knows how to chill!

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  5. Some of us are robust and can stand the cold, others must find themselves in more clement places… This birdie looks like he’s cool with the chill 😉

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  6. Having a wet Monday here

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  7. IMHO God is So Miraculous!!!


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