Saturday Morning: We “Were” Running


in memory of Annie Zeke*

We were running up the slope of a hill,
that dog and I, an early winter rain
beginning to fall, wind-driven and sharp,
the clouds so black the edges of the hills
were etched and incandescent. That dog
and I were running, the two of us
apart and yet together, and even now,
in the solitude of a quiet hour—the days
and that dog long gone—I can follow
those far-blown traces of unexpected joy
and find my way back again: heart wild,
lungs filling with the breath of winter,
and that dog beside me running headlong
into the world without end.

~ Peter Everwine, “We Were Running” in A Small Clearing (Aureole Press, 2016)


  • Photo: Susan’s Photo of our Zeke* (RIP) taken at Baker Park.
  • Poem: Thank you The Hammock Papers


  1. How to explain that DEEP, deep yearning for our canine friends who left us (always waaaayyy) too early? And what a great tribute!

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  2. Ah Dave…some hurts don’t heal – they cut too deep.

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  3. Heart in my throat on this one, pal….

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  4. even though no longer here, he will always be running with you, in heart and mind

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  5. He was a good dog, starred in many of your stories and will be remembered for as long as forever is.

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  6. No words..

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  7. My Ellie was your Zeke. She ran many a long mile and many a forest trail with me. My heart still holds her memory with tender joy and the sorrow that lives in harmony with the joy Beaumont brings me.


  8. Tugs the heart and soul…tethered forever…for their is love…


  9. Heart-wrenching as my walks with my Zeke can only get shorter. He no longer complains when we turn back towards home…

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  10. With heart wide open
    Memories pierce our being
    Feel the love fully

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  11. what a beautiful tribute to the bond that exists between man and dog, between you and Zeke.

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