Monday Morning

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  1. It’s today already?

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  2. I fully agree.
    Was up to 12h30 (00h30am). Just couldn’t imagine being able to sleep, although have a sleep deficit of about 350 years, got up again at 2.20am, read, started PC, wrote mails and watched YTubes, sent WhatsApp msgs, made tea, drank it, cut a slice of bread which I found this morning still on the bread board, dry and bored…. Went back to bed at 5.30am, still ‘unslept’… Am dead – so believe me, I totally relate to that cute pic (I’m also less cute right now!)

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  3. Lay there long enough and it will be tomorrow! 😁

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  4. Today’s mantra. Done.

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  5. can it be yesterday if I close my eyes again?

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  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe while driving this season.

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  7. Uh huh.

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  8. When you can’t do today sleep and do tomorrow

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  9. I’m with you on this one today! Some days are tougher than others …. and that’s before getting out of bed.

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  10. Reblogged this on renplus and commented:
    Thank you, Vermont, for the 18+ inches of snow that granted my wish for rest.


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