Yep. This Tune.

Someone once told me the reason songs get stuck in our head is because the mind wants to hear them to completion. Remembering only a refrain it’ll repeat.

The best way, then, to get a song out of your head is to listen to the whole thing.

~ Fiona Alison Duncan, Exquisite Mariposa: A Novel (Soft Skull Press, Oct 1, 2019)

Quote Source: Thanks Beth @ Alive on All Channels


  1. Now you sound really old…. 😉
    I have this feeling every time I had a rehearsal, and not always it was my favourite music that sticks….

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  2. I think you are right about that. I’ve had one in my head off and on for about two weeks. When it played on a program, it only played so far, then cut to a new scene. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name or artist, just remember hearing it on the radio a lot during the late 60s, early 70s. Worst of all, I never manage to take it to the end because it isn’t a favorite or a song I particularly like. It’s like having perpetual hick ups!

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  3. thanks a lot for sticking it in our heads )

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  4. I’m with Beth – thanks ever so…

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  5. Add my name to the list. Gonna be humming this damn ditty all day…

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  6. Doh, I hate this song, mostly because it came out just after I named my desperately desired first baby girl (whom I’d thought would be my last child), “Brandi.” I didn’t like the thought that any man could one day prefer the sea to MY Brandi — and her wasting vital years of love on him, lol!

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  7. I don’t know about this completion thing. All I know is that when a song clicks it is like magic. My whole world switches from black and white to colors. It’s the lyrics and tune, but lyrics first. And it always comes at the right time.
    One can survive merely on the right song for weeks.

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  8. Brandy, you’re a fine girl (you’re a fine girl)
    What a good wife you would be (such a fine girl)…
    Now…all…day…long (goes to find it on ITunes)

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  9. So, thanks, now I can’t get that tied shirt and open chest out of my head. hahahaha. I’m really old!

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  10. Good idea. If I only knew all the words when I get a song on the brain.

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  11. I always think of Kandi, and how we played spades during the heat of the day that summer, and sang Brandy, and Signs, and Patches by Clarence Carter.
    I guess that’s better than that Hamilton Joe Frank, and Reynolds tune that gets stuck in my head much too regularly.

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  12. Yep. That is the way of it. Why one small section plays in a loop is beyond me. I usually go get the damn song and listen to it in its entirety. Once in a blue moon it does NOT work but usually it does.

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  13. but if a song is going to get stuck in your head, this one is a good choice.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Well, its been 29 days since my last (confession) really mean since my last comment…I was holding out for 30 days though when I read your offering while eating gluten free pancakes with with warm raspberries sprinkled with powered sugar accompanied by scrambled eggs and then an indulgent third pancake with almond butter topped with homemade jam
    -strawberry n rhubarb, naturally…how could I resist replying? Dale’s line “I hear you, my friend. It is amazing how just two lines can go round and round and round…” reminded me of a song or three…that belong in the Hall of Fame for songs that cause ear worms to happen, within Dale’s “go round” in a movement..songs I love…the great Billy Preston’s “Will You Go Round in Circles”

    Blood Sweat and Tears: Spinning Wheel -ah the voice of David Clayton-Thomas, so great

    and perhaps the number #1 ear sticking, loop in your brain song belongs to Tommy James and The Shondells: Crimson & Clover…

    Hope you Enjoy!

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  15. Thanks, Dave a bit of humor as well, no?

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  16. Assumed you knew that was me…WPress in my initial comment, for some unknown reason left out my name, though it could be operator error on my part (I know I typed in the email)…during my hiatus from comment posting (even though I read your Enriching offerings each day) have been numerous culinary experiences, Hallmark, Up tv and Inspiration tv viewing, music listening, fall walks (finally regaining some strength), sitting in the ever changing garden and visiting…he keeps managing finding enough flower that the frost missed and sweetly graces me with sweet bouquets…and I am ever so grateful…

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  17. Valerie Meluskey says:

    …I have a procrastination problem… and I tend to be thorough… [confession?] I arrived at the Average White Band, “Pick Up The Pieces” …and I so far enjoy having that as background music in my head. Wow! appreciate again how good they are.
    Another problem: with personal earworm experience: worst ever was a B’way performance of Bernstein’s Candide, which I LOVED with all of the first 10+ years of varying performers. Then, someone brought it back, and the lead comic male with the nasal voice dominated my experience. I felt like I was going crazy with his voice singing in my head for more than a week…the refrain, “Any question…”

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