Early Saturday Morning. And tethered…

2:39 a.m.

Lying in bed. I Can’t Sleep. Apparently, I still haven’t Live & Learned enough.

The window is open. It’s me and the crickets, and my thoughts that fill the night. And a passing car in the distance.

I hear / another year rustle by like the night’s /  one car. (Beckian Fritz Goldberg)

8 years ago today, well, not exactly today, but close enough, this blog was born.

I jump over to FB to re-read a comment on my last post: Tethered to Nothing.

This comment coming from a thoughtful (very), quiet (very), semi anonymous Follower.

Tethered by community. Tethered by the community you have created with your posts.”

And then the soft ah-ha.

Tethered to Nothing?


Tethered to you. All of you.

And grateful…

Photo: Mennyfox55


  1. and we, on the other side of the equation, are tethered back. thanks for being here.

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  2. The feeling is mutual, pal. This community and the friends I have made here are something special. One thing I especially treasure? There’s no nasty sniping or snarkiness…we laugh, we ponder, we mourn, we consider, we praise, and we give thanks for the many wonders in this beautiful crazy world of ours…and now for each other. Grateful.

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  3. Grateful, indeed. In the insanity that is our world today, in the relentless thrum of fear and dismay, the delight in being tethered to something good and decent is especially wonderful. You have brought people together in a way that few do – a delightful swirl of thoughts and concern, humor and aha moments – all connected by love and friendship. An anniversary of appreciation, my friend – now go to sleep.

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  4. Oh I love our little WP family; 💚 our banter and our familiarity with each other. 8 yrs! Wow! well done 👏👏👏 and still can’t sleep huh? 😉

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  5. Think DK, of the people you have never met, never laughed/cried with, never hugged, but with whom you share your world with, via the blog.

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  6. thank you

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  7. Yes! And what a worthy nourishing tethering it is. 💛

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  8. So rich. Thanks, DK. 🙏

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  9. I’m

    (Started and deleted several other comments, decided I’d tell the truth.)

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  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you for inspirational thoughts and photographs. Your soul is a gift to us all.

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  11. Linda ARZOUMANIAN says:

    Thank you and congratulations

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  12. One of Canada’s kindest exports, you (along with your magnanimous commenters from all over!) leaven my cybermorn with realness and thus hope, and thus peace. ♥️

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  13. As I see it…Pigpen’s blanket covers a whole lot more than the territorial paths we have chosen, and choose to take into tomorrow. You, DK, remind us often…it covers us. All. Together.

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  14. Happy Anniversary…thanks for all the faithful effort your posts consume. I look forward to them every time. Hope you can get some sleep.


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  15. Lorraine Mahoney says:

    Grateful for you David.

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  16. David,
    I have followed your blog for several years, yet never commented. I have been neglectful of praise! I subscribe to half a dozen blogs, yet yours is the only one I consistently, faithfully open and read. Often re-read. And Wednesday hump day? Always brings a smile of delight! Thank you for curating the image with your thoughts or authors’ excerpts. Thank you for being consistently thoughtful, prompting me to think from another POV and bringing new authors into my experience. Warm regards.

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  17. Valerie Meluskey says:

    …you and us…and the crickets…all precious!

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  18. Gosh, your faithful readers have been so eloquent in saying what I’ve been trying to say. So I’ll keep it simple. You have created the rope that tethers us together. You, sir, are a wonderful human being. You have created a haven for us all to be part of and we appreciate you to no end.

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  19. It’s fun to be a part of the network.

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  20. Words fail me!
    I’ve been contemplating how to express my gratitude for what you do since last night. The right words for what Live & Learn, You, have brought into my life. Words fail me, David.


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  21. A tethering that causes a shift in the universe and lets in more light. At least that’s how I see these wonderful, virtual connections. 😊🙏

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  22. Tethered – one of those many beautiful, meaningful and slightly mysterious words in the English language, I so love and treasure. I’m often at the end of my tether, would like to throw a tantrum, but at whom, please?, so I let it go…. Often, I feel tethered to ‘things, decisions, people, conundrums, stuff’ – it’s one of the words I find hard to use in another language because to me it has a really special sense, and in German or French I have to hunt for an equivalent…. It’s a special word like ethereal, misty, serendipity, serene. It’s a blessing and a curse. How to use correctly, how to express very specifically what I mean.
    And so I stay tethered to your lips, your writing hand, your brain, but mostly to your heart. I bless the day good old Dale brought me over to you, I still hope (in vain, I know) to find the time to go through the seven years of your writing this blog, the seven years I didn’t know about you, and I’m still looking very much forward to those many hidden treasures I should be able to consume one day. I not only have you to be thankful to and your writing I’m thankful to ‘consume’, I am thankful also to newly found friends, some of which I follow on their blogs when and if I’ve the time.
    Your blog is the only one I ALWAYS read. Why? You’re short (and often sweet). You’re concise, to the point and when you meander, it’s for a good story and well worth the ‘detour’. You have introduced me to far too many excellent writers, artists and wonderful human beings. I say far too many because I haven’t got enough years in my life to read them all. But we do what we can, with a glad heart.
    I have found, thanks to you and the comments to your posts, many new friends such as Dale, Sawsan, Lori, Beth, Karen, I’ve often smiled and ‘liked’ Karen, Anneli, Mimi Roseanne, and others, I’ve been gifted with friendship, laughter, smiles and tears through your writing – and I truly wish you a new dog and a long continuation of the ‘good stuff’ you treasure-hunt for us. Love and greetings to your long suffering wife Susan and many thanks to her for letting her miss so much of your time for the pleasure and joy you give to your readers. (not sure about Susan any more, if that’s not her name, insert correct name)

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  23. you’ve created a wonderful community, and not just because of your posts. it’s because you care about your fellow bloggers. thank you for all that you do, and I wish you continued success.

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  24. Your posts make me wonder, gasp, ponder, sing and smile. Keep ’em coming! PRETTY PLEASE. MJ


  25. grateful… I know the work and I know the commitment. your presence and posts are gifts as inspiration is near but not yet surfaced. there is a bond… for that I am grateful.

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