Driving I-95 S. Tethered to Nothing?

5:15 a.m. Traffic flowing. 16 minutes to the office.

Long day yesterday.  Whaddya remember? What Stuck?

In bed. 9:40 pm.

ZzzQuil slow drips.

Mind whirring, but in slower revolutions.

Right ear bud pumping in “The Daily Podcast” with “The Anatomy of a Warren Rally.”

Words drift in and out, sleep meds seeping deeper. And then Mind stops, and locks on.

Michael Barbaro: “So Tom, the reason we were interested in going to Senator Warren’s rally is because, for weeks now, we’ve been hearing that her crowd sizes are getting bigger and bigger, and that there’s something unique about these events. And when we think back to 2016, we know that Donald Trump’s rallies were at the center of his appeal, and in the end, kind of at the center of his victory. And the question has always been, could a Democrat match that in 2020? And it’s starting to feel like, possibly. Elizabeth Warren’s rallies are beginning to accomplish something like that, and that you have to be there and attend it to kind of understand why.”

Thomas Kaplan: …Yeah, that’s right. I’ve been covering Elizabeth Warren’s campaign and going to her rallies for months. And over that time, they’ve grown bigger and bigger. But beyond the size, they’ve kind of taken on a life of their own. They have their own rituals, their own vocabulary. They have their own traditions. It’s almost as if they’ve become something beyond a political rally…”

Michael Barbaro: “There are these introductory speeches by a pretty diverse group of women.”

Michael Barbaro: “And then there was this moment that kind of struck me, where it almost felt like the priest talking to everybody in a church, when —”

Maria Martinez: “I’m going to give you all a minute. I really want you all to talk to each other, get to know each other, because we’re —”

Michael Barbaro: “this person on stage asks everybody in the crowd to turn to the person next to them and introduce themselves, just like they do inside church. There was almost, like, an insistence on civility.”

At this point I drift off.

And here I am, the next morning.  I glance back in the rear view mirror, signal to move into the left lane and accelerate.

And this, This is what stuck?

This coming from Me, an ineligible U.S. voter, untethered to Party, to Politician, to Church, to God.

“Peace Be With You”

“And also with You?”


  • Politico Magazine: Why Warren’s Big Crowds Are a Big Deal. The data gurus say her long selfie lines with supporters don’t mean anything. They’re wrong. (Photo: Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren | Drew Angerer/Getty Images)


  1. I am amazed you can fall asleep listening to people talking… Them’s some good meds.
    As for the rallies – I do like the civility involved in Warren’s. Would be nice if this were enough.

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  2. hopeful. hopeful.

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  3. I can fall alseep anywhere doing anything

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  4. May your first breath upon waking be peaceful…each gift of breath is always a such a blessing..keep flowing, effortlessly….

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  5. Oh Dave, how about white noise to help you sleep? JT? Classical music? Not podcasts about this election – even if the result is an odd nod to decency. Pal? Peace be with you

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  6. Love this David. 💛

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  7. Agree with the girls….. going to sleep (only!) with pills and noise in the ears????? Come on, boy – this is just not on.
    BUT anything Warren – yes YES YESSSSSSSSS….. I ‘shade’ her since her beginnings in the race and she never spoke anything she couldn’t uphold with facts.
    And now take the advice you’ve been given by ‘above’s. zzzzZZZZzzzz

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  8. Peace be with you and your sleep one day, boy Dave! It is a gift when we sleep. 💤💤😚

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  9. I usually fall asleep reading the news on my iphone; I’m sure it’s just as bad as meds and a podcast. I was hoping for a Booker/Warren ticket, but I’d be very happy with Warren/Booker.

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