Sunday Morning

In the margin of my Bible, the heading of Ecclesiastes, I’ve added,

‘Reflections of an old man chasing after ‘good things.’

~ Lisa Anne Tindal, “Vanity and Strife” (Sept 27, 2019)



  1. I love the note in the margins

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  2. Reading this as I sit and have coffee from “my good vibes only” mug. Stay curious.

    Happy Sunday!

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  3. in the German language Eccl. is called the ‘wisdom of Solomon’, or ‘words by Solomon’ – which I think is more easily understandable than the difficult to ‘interprete’ Ecclesiastics. Maybe THAT is what the writer here meant when he/she wrote those words on the border of this book of Solomon….. but then, the bible, as any religious writing, is surely mostly an interpretation of any translator, interpreter, reader, researcher, believer or agnostic – anything is possible.
    I write often remarks on the borders of the books I read (in pencil, mind you!) – and I would be the first one to concede that all is just the reader’s perception at that moment of reading…. so, yes, why not. It’s a great start to a Sunday; although mine is already nearing its end.
    Pls don’t say you had to read this four or five times to understand, not even I understand it fully. But I know exactly what I mean to say 😉

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  4. Valerie Meluskey says:

    Perhaps, Ecclesiastes is not the opening for discovering the sweetness of spiritual realities…”Vanity of vanities, all IS vanity…” and more good news the Teacher has for the listeners.
    By the way, the Global concert in Central Park yesterday had a good spin (and I can’t quote)in a song about, “if I have all the power in the world, if I have all the riches…, I have nothing…, and…” An old message but more uplifting….
    Then, my favorite, Pharell with “Happy”!

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  5. Cool

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  6. Great quotes!

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