You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey

Lori shared it. I can’t let it go. A cover of Chris Stapleton’sTennessee Whiskey.

And a Youtube comment from J. Scott Hamilton that followed: “your voice tells us you’re a great singer. Your daughter’s smile tells us you’re a better dad.”


  1. Tennessee Whiskey is a favorite. But this is PRECIOUS. Thank you Lori, and DK.

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  2. I just LOVELOVELOVE this. He killed this cover (really David, just last week?). But that dad/daughter bond is priceless.
    Happy Sunday, DK.

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  3. Wonderful share!

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  4. Anonymous says:

    I love how he throws it into park at the end—like a final *bang* on the guitar.

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  5. Love how he throws it into park at the end—like a final *bang* on the guitar.

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  6. I absolutely love this song, too. When I saw this on FB a while back, I, too, was amazed. This dad’s take is fantastic. And the daughter? Love the way she looks at him. Beautiful bond.

    And wow that you just discovered it last week. 🙂

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  7. So glad that you enjoyed this as much as me, pal. I’m in the 10+ club on views myself. Absolutely enchanted by this young girl’s adoration of her dad and by the way Papa throws himself into the song heart and soul. One of those tunes that just moves me….

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  8. At the beginning of the song I thought it was going to be Van Morrison singing. Similar voice quality.

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  9. Christe says:

    As delightful as when I first saw this last year or in 2017…

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  10. Guys; I had to take a (not so) quick crash course on Whiskey, Chris Stapleton, dad & daughter relationship and I’m well and truly sorry to say, that all this did to me was me thinking of those times, when I, young, innocent, enthusiastically, came to Canada (Traaaana) and got drawn in to the music of Chris Kristofferson. My then husband saved up what little money we had to buy his long play vinyl’s…. I love the video but mostly in admiration of dad’s great voice and especially his girl’s adoration of her daddy. I also listened to a few versions of the Tennessee Whiskey song – which made me long for a glass of Bordeaux! 😉 Thanks to Lori for feeding the idea to Dave; there IS a community spirit here which is simply lovely. Have all a great rest of this rather peaceful Sunday.

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  11. Nice

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  12. thanks, dk. I’ve never heard this song before either, but I love it!

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