Saturday Morning

We’re so driven to make ourselves “better” all the time…

We are mercilessly hard on ourselves for our losses, our defeats, our wounds, our failures, the parts of us that don’t measure up.

This is a weekend in non-self-improvement….

~ Francis Weller, in an interview with Tim McKee titled The Geography Of SorrowFrancis Weller On Navigating Our Losses

Photo: Nap time by Aku*S


  1. Amen David. We’re constantly wired to improve but without ever questioning why. What’s wrong with staying as we are…just for once.

    Take care.


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  2. And we should enjoy each moment of just being

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  3. It IS astounding how difficult it can be to just embrace oneself ‘as is,’ yet wonderfully healing when ya can be clear-eyed about your faults while also celebrating your strengths. Life…a work in progress. 😉

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  4. This, dear Dave, should garner you a RECORD NUMBER of LIKES …. we all should (at least, for a while, a weekend, a decade….) stop that merciless pressure on ourselves to be all the a.m.
    To you and all readers a HAPPY, LAZY, WONDERFUL weekend.

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  5. just be.

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  6. There’s such a dichotomy around the idea of self-improvement. To ‘be happy’ is to accept all of me, all the pieces no matter whether I judge them to be good, bad, ugly, best. yet, to seek self-improvement suggests having to change the ‘bad’ to good. What a fascainting condition this being human is. We have a constant yearning to change the way we are, and struggle to accept we are perfectly human in all our beautifully flawed human imperfections.

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  7. After all the recent black and white photos you’ve shared, this one sure pops and grabs one’s attention!
    And rightly so. I don’t know if you planned it, but this is a great Stop! And just be with no expectations and no obligations to be more than you are.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend of non self improvement (other than that push-up thing you and Lori partook in)

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  8. Inspired by this post I decided to just go ahead and not wash my hair today. I don’t think I ever did a push-up in my life!

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  9. It’s a windy and wet spring day here, so no pickleball, no golf, nothing extracurricular other than to “just be” (as already noted above) and be my beautifully flawed and imperfect self for today and tomorrow … wish me luck!

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  10. Well, then, dammit, maybe I WILL just go get those salt’n’vinegar chips and a bag of Easter chocolate. And eat them while staring at my new, unused 5lb dumb-bells that will never get me Linda Hamilton arms anyway. “I’ll go on a diet, Rabbit….right after a good breakfast” – Winnie the Pooh (whom I portrayed, with great insight, I’m told, and to substantial acclaim, in my 6th grade play. HA!)

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  11. Yes! I have some friends that could benefit from this… sharing with gratitude.


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