Sunday Morning: Invocation

Architect of icebergs, snowflakes,
crystals, rainbows, sand grains, dust motes, atoms.

Mason whose tools are glaciers, rain, rivers, ocean.

Chemist who made blood
of seawater, bone of minerals in stone, milk

of love. Whatever

You are, I know this,
Spinner, You are everywhere, in All The Ever-
Changing Above, whirling around us.

Yes, in the loose strands,
in the rough weave of the common

cloth threaded with our DNA on hubbed, spoked
Spinning Wheel that is this world, solar system, galaxy,


Help us to see ourselves in all creation,
and all creation in ourselves, ourselves in one another.

Remind those of us who like connections
made with similes, metaphors, symbols
all of us are, everything is
already connected.

Remind us as oceans go, so go we. As the air goes, so go we.
As other life forms on Earth go, so go we.

As our planet goes, so go we. Great Poet,
who inspired In The Beginning was The Word . . . ,

Everett Hoagland, from “Invocation” in Ghost Fishing: An Eco-Justice Poetry Anthology (University of Georgia Press, 2018)

Notes: Poem via 3 Quarks Daily. Photo: coolultramodernesolitude (via Newthom)


  1. Sunday sermon? 😇

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  2. Perfect

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  3. Better than perfect…

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  4. Amen.

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  5. Wow…
    Great Poet and In The Beginning was The Word.
    They scared us of this “Poet” when we were little!!!
    But this, I love.

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    There is no Planet B … we have to internalize that!! … ‘As our planet goes, so go we. Great Poet, who inspired In The Beginning was The Word … ~Everett Hoagland, from “Invocation” in Ghost Fishing: An Eco-Justice Poetry Anthology (University of Georgia Press, 2018)

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  7. A beautiful prayer. I’m going to be printing this one out.💜
    Thanks, DK.

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  8. Perfection for sure … loved this … so many great words to reflect on here …

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  9. montanalulu says:


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  10. wow .. thank you for sharing this .. good sunday morning homage …

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  11. zero degree of separation, in this amazing domino effect of creation’s expansion…

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  12. prayer to the universe

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  13. Oh how I liked this post

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  14. This, however, is GLORIOUS! Only see it just now – today’s comment wasn’t for this one but the earpod one, obviously!
    This really is a beautiful prayer to universe as Beth said!

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  15. Spectacular!

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