Super Bowl LIII 2019 Ad of the Year (60 sec)

Experience ASMR with Zoë Kravitz, inspired by beer in its organic form. Introducing Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold.

(ASMR = “ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it specifically refers to a tingling, often-pleasurable sensation that people can receive from sounds or visuals that please the brain. Typically, people feel the pleasure in their head, with some people reporting that it travels all the way down their spines.”)


  1. It makes us listen harder when she whispers

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  2. I sat through the whole game and missed almost everything! But didn’t miss the Google translate commercial 🙂


  3. I know my kids used to worry when I whispered 😉
    Funny how they listened just as we did to Zoe.

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  4. i love this and also know many people were disturbed by it. ironic in a way

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    • Disturbed? By what?


      • But frankly, not everyone is particularly into ASMR, and some actually think it’s uncomfortable. I personally find it unbearable, but for others, it apparently works. A UK study found that ASMR provides temporary relief from depression and chronic pain, and helped participants deal with stress.

        Before the ad ran during the Super Bowl, it was posted on YouTube on January 28th and has over 13 million views, but according to social media analytic firm Brandwatch, the commercial received mixed reviews on Twitter and the majority were negative.

        Business Insider states that “Michelob Ultra was mentioned 4,200 times and more than 54% of the tweets were negative, according to the firm. At one point, 750 tweets a minute were flying around about the brand.”

        isn’t this an interesting response to have to this?

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  5. She draws us in … yet I still don’t appreciate the beer so much. Maybe I need to put on a mans shirt, open the top buttons and tie it above my waist. Maybe I’d enjoy the beer so much more.
    Just sayin ….. 😉

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  6. what a coincidence; I just wrote about this as well- fascinating…

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  7. niasunset says:

    Beautiful… how nice to start (my) day with your post… Thank you dear David, have a wonderful day, Love, nia

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  8. A so so add not the best I have seen

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  9. As I watched it, I hoped it would be about something other than beer. Especially ORGANIC beer. Gimme a break.

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    Wow!! … I missed this one! … ‘Super Bowl LIII 2019 Ad of the Year (60 sec)’ …

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