The wind lifted me…like wings.


  • Photo: A woman’s red tress blow in the air on a windy day in San Sebastian, in the Basque Country of northern Spain.  ( Juan Herrero/EPA-EFE, Feb 1, 2019)
  • Post inspired by Ray Bradbury from “The Lake” in Dark Carnival: “I ran. Sand spun under me and the wind lifted me. You know how it is, running, arms out so you feel veils from your fingers, caused by wind. Like wings.” (via Beth @ Alive on All Channels)



  1. a wonder!

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    What a beautiful sight … the joy in her face is contagious and incomparable!!

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  3. Isn‘t this rather a ski-ing shot? The white in the background, the warm coat with a furry collar? The horror of going down a hill totally rudderless???? How do I know? I just do….. 😉

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  4. Yes, I do, know how it is!

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  5. Her expression is priceless!

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  6. That’s kind of how I feel these days with the static electricity in the air during this cold snap. It’s unusually dry here just now. But this windy day picture would last longer than one quick electric zap. I think she’d better find an elastic band for her hair. Looks quite breezy.

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  7. I want that feeling! One hour would go a long way!

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  8. After reading Kiki’s comment, I’m thinking the woman could really be lying down with hair splayed out after a slip and fall. Hmmm…perspective.

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  9. Gee … I could only wish for THAT much hair to blow in the wind … great picture!

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  10. I saw a picture of a girl in the mid-west during that deep-freeze. She went out with wet hair and came in looking like the girl pictured here. Except without the wind.

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  11. It snowed again, last night…It has almost completely melted…supposed to have very icy conditions and colder tomorrow…so a person needs to be wearing a hat…///I say oh, Red hair! /// Only at the beach or in western North Dakota in the winter/spring and sometimes summer (assume it blows in the fall, haven’t been there then) does my hair blow…I can imagine how the pioneer and dust bowl women could go mad when the prairie wind pushed against you, stinging eyes & in the white winter the wind drifting snow while hanging laundry and the dust blew in through every crack of the farmhouse, taunting…the howl, the clanging, the whistling call, un-relentlessness..baying ///the red hair women is experiencing an exhilarating moment, Whee!! and I thank you for your share,,,

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  12. I liked this

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