Dinner (w Family)

The sun looks down on nothing half so good as a household laughing together over a meal.

– C.S. Lewis, from The Weight of Glory


Photo: Gabriel Maglieri with “Family


  1. Looks nice

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  2. Love this–thanks for sharing, David!

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  3. Yes…

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  4. That is a truth. One of the reasons Tuscany (and other regions of Italy) call to me… the sight of families eating outside like that… sigh… I needs must go back!

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  5. i love this so very much. c.s. lewis was an amazing writer. though i’m not religious in the traditional sense, i admired his approach to life. did you ever have the chance to see ‘shadowlands?’

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  6. We don’t have enough of that – an indicator of the way our society is deteriorating. More family time needed.

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  7. starred anthony hopkins and deborah winger. i think you’d find it beautiful.

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  8. Yes and so nice and cozy atmosphere of togetherness. Lovely.

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  9. Time spent with family is just❤️

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  10. This is what family time is all about. And everything tastes better when eaten outside!

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  11. Evoked a rush of warm memories. This could have been a dinner at my maternal grandparents on any given Sunday. Dogs, kids, a homemade pie, my granny’s checkered tablecloth, and always, always laughter… thanks pal. And Beth is right…Shadowlands is a beautiful film.

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  12. A beautiful scene. Reminds me very much of Renoir‘s Bal du moulin de la Galette and of course of Monet‘s Déjeuner sur l‘herbe…. Many many moons ago I bought a artsy-fartsy cookery cum coffee table book (before the expression was even coined!) on both painters ‚art de la table‘ with fab recipes which of course I never cook but containing wonderful, fabulous reproductions and ‚leaning to‘ the original set-up.
    AND I‘m in the very lucky position and disposition that I organise such gatherings. We had many happy meals on our terrasse, with several tables, some 35 chairs of various homes, tables nearly folding under the food brought on, there was much wining & dining & singing & laughing and it‘s quite heart-breaking to think that this will end once we‘ll have sold our house (hopefully soon though!).
    A heart-warming photo – thank you. It also seems from the number of comments that many of us regard such pixies with a great sense of nostalgia…

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  13. Valerie Meluskey says:

    How beautiful! My first thought and image go to my friends’ house in nearby Rocky Hill, NJ–they have many gatherings where we all appreciate her food and the stone wall that he built separating their property from a large field. [just sent this image to her] Then, remembering how I’d have casual family dinners on our picnic table under our grape arbor–which even protected us from rain. Oh to appreciate the past and not feel sad that I no longer live in the past…and the house where I raised my children…

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  14. A simple…..AMEN!!

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  15. Lovely photo…snapshots of life…reminds me of all the time me and the other girls siblings (no brothers or neighbors boys allowed) spent in Fort Underpants, giggling under the massive Willow tree that separated the backyard from the far backyard….the oldest brother at times would climb up to a thick diameter branch, stretch out like a cat and take a nap, sometimes he sit up there reading and eating…the tree was amazing it partially shaded an area of the estate worthy large concrete entertaining area…fireplace with massive mantle & forged iron arm so one could cook over the fire, clay lined baking ovens, grill, adjacent.. then the copper lined cherub relief planter boxes, then a step down ledge to the benches on each side…all of this one continuous piece…we loved to skip down the flag stone to the entertaining area climb over the grill or the step down ledge area and play in the magical bamboo jungle…/// across the road and in the park the pond’s island had a massive Willow tree we children convinced that somehow they belong together and communicated via of the root systems…ah life spent under trees…

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