That blank page…just laying there. Daring you to write on it.

Highly (Highly) recommended. (On Netflix now)

An excerpt:

She had these ethnic features, coal-black hair, Italian olive skin, and when she was young, she wore that red lipstick that was very fashionable in the 50’s. And she’d be looking down at me with a look that, for me, was like the grace of Mary, you know? Made me understand for the first time, how good it feels to feel pride in somebody that you love, and who loves you back. She let that town know that we are handsome, responsible members of this shit-dog burgh, pulling our own individual weight doing what has to be done day after day. We have a place here that we have earned. And we have a reason to open our eyes at the break of each day and breathe in a life that’s steady and good. Now, my mom was truthfulness, consistency, good humor, professionalism, grace, kindness, optimism, civility, fairness, pride in yourself, responsibility, love, faith in your family, commitment, joy in your work, and a never-say-die thirst for living, for living and for life.

~ Bruce Springsteen, describing his Mother

and another…

Your life laying before you like a blank page. It’s the one thing I miss about getting older, I miss that beauty of that blank page. So much life in front of you. Its promise, its possibilities, its mysteries, its adventures. 

That blank page…just laying there.

Daring you to write on it.

~ Bruce Springsteen, 69


  1. Is this about the misuses of lay and lie?

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  2. This is on my list of “to-watch” on Netflix. Was about to the other day but realised that I’d not be able to watch it in one sitting so put it aside…Hmmm… seems like I may just have to do so tonight!
    I like to think there are always some blank parts of the page available. Yes, they get smaller as we get older, but they still exist.

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  3. I love Bruce. I love him. I feel like we grew up together. And I adore this description of his Mother. I could only hope that one of my kids would describe me this way.

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  4. I will see this, absolutely. What a brilliant storyteller/poet/musician he is.

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  5. He is a master storyteller. This was pure magic.

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  6. Wow…
    Yes, makes me think of how my kids will describe me.
    And I’ve been looking something worthy to sit and watch. Thank you for the recommendation!

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  7. This was amazing. Thank you dear David, Have a nice Holiday and Merry Christmas, Love, nia

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  8. And into the Netflix queue it goes! His facility with words continues to impress… thx pal!

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  9. I’m not young, but I’m still writing on my blank pages!

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