Running. The Day After, and Spewing…

That’s me running. The morning after Thanksgiving. Actually, no, it’s not. It’s not even close.

I’m not running near the ocean. I don’t have Ray Bans.  I don’t have orange Nikes or a tight fitting orange running jacket. I can’t have anything that snug around the belly that would trigger IBS, as one can’t be too careful a few miles out without facilities.

16° F. What the h*ll am I doing out here? It’s her. She’s responsible. 

My posture is not that.  My chest isn’t raised, leaning forward, taking short sips of cool air. I’m hunched over, panting, and I’m a mere 1.3 miles out. And oh, I’m damn sure, that if she were a runner (I don’t know that she is), she would look like this. With her sh*t all together.

While I know jack about my body parts or their workings, I do know that something just ain’t right between my right hip and my upper thigh – we’re hobbling here, not running.

I’ve never met her. She’s a WordPress blogging acquaintance. Unclear why she Follows, but I’m sure it’s rubbernecking. She’s a writer. Like a real one. Professional. Not like this show.

She’s a “Sylph.”  Does the period after Sylph belong before or after the quotation marks? I know that she knows. But she is far too kind to correct. Thank God for that and my fragile male psyche, or this whole thing would collapse. Wait, just one minute. Here’s an opportunity to jam a famous author quote by Jane Hirshfield: “How fragile we are, between the few good moments.” And don’t worry. I had no idea what a ‘Sylph’ was. Tripped into it in a book I’m reading, googled it, and learned that it was:

“1”: slender, graceful woman or girl.

“2”: one of a race of supernatural, supposed to inhabit the air.

Oh, that’s so her: Lori.

Ethereal. She used the word in one of her comments on a blog post several years ago, I’m sure she was wrapping it around one of the 363 Mary Oliver poems I have shared on this site.  Yet, the word stuck. It took me 4 attempts to get it right in this sentence, E-T-H-E-R-E-A-L. The word was in bright red font signaling a misspelling. I butchered it so bad that ‘look up’ in google couldn’t find it. This post is wandering, a milk run. I’m losing focus.

So, it’s the day after Thanksgiving.

She baits me in her comment on The Day After. She wouldn’t use ‘bait.’ Goad, maybe. Or ‘provoke.’ Or ‘incite.’  If, she had a splinter of cruelty in her body, which she has none.

Lori: “Ahhh, you never disappoint, pal! Now all I need is a DK running post..legs windmilling,.blisters bubbling up, stomach growling in protest, mind spewing…and my holiday weekend will be complete.”

Oh, there’s no doubt the mind is spewing.

But I don’t dare give her the satisfaction – I WILL NOT SPEW.

13,283 steps.

Defrost. Shower. And then…

Nap Time.

Photo: FloridaHospital


  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    So very interesting … activities the day after and the day after …. Thanksgiving!!

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  2. As long as funereal didn’t come after ethereal you should be OK.

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  3. Reminds me of our local park on New Year’s Day! I’ll stick to walking, qigong, and my new love affair with weights (well, 4kg so far — started at 3kg a month ago). Running would kill me, I’m sure. It would be like volunteering for torture. Anyway, I’m meant to be putting on weight, not losing it. Sending you belated good wishes from across the Pond for Thanksgiving.

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  4. I wish I looked like the runner in your picture, David! And it’s my belief that the “rubbernecking” often goes both ways among fellow WordPress blogger/writers … a continued Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your fellow rubberneckers!

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  5. You kill me, David! And I love that Lori “incited” (I’ll choose that one) you to write a post, or rather, to get off your arse to run sans spewing. And you, she will surely agree, ARE a writer. Don’t try to give us that hogwash.
    And congrats on your 13,283 steps – especially the day after 😉 Hope you enjoyed your nap!

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  6. Brutal self-honesty…at least you get the truth

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  7. This is not the first time Lori has gotten you up and running!
    Can’t wait to see her comments.

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  8. After about 30’’ reading into this I knew it could only be Lori…. and I’m only following you for about – what – a few months! Seem to know you and Lori prett well though.
    Brilliant post but don’t let yourself be pushed beyond your limits by sylph Lori 😉 Don’t let yourself be pushed. Full stop. Get a dog and a leisurely way of walking it in the evening…. instead of running to your early death!

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  9. Your friendship with Lori tickles and delights this silent observer. And as she would gracefully lope to meet you, as you would lumber, glistening with sweat in return, my hunch is that the welcome would be fantastic (if a little malodorous). It’s fun to be a peripheral player…

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  10. Here, Sylph. Here, Sylph, Sylph…:-)

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  11. An ethereal being indeed ..who is humble and totally unaware of her gifts as a wordsmith and light in the world. Love her! And please don’t sell yourself short in her presence Mr K. I love that you got up from your slumber and ran, all the while feeling your wobbly bits, aches, vulnerabilities and pain, because that makes you real.. in a world that is constantly telling us we can’t. So thank you 🙏🏻

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  12. i think we do the best we can to stumble through life, not always upright, or tight, or even right, but we are out there trying and that is something.

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  13. DK!! I am so sorry to be so late to the party, especially since I was apparently the guest of honor {blushing}. Went to work out yesterday and didn’t circle back to my computer to check out posts. 😉 I am honored to be the subject of your post, and tickled pink that I incited a post-prandial jaunt. It may not have been pretty, but you got her done, and that’s what’s important. Have never been described as a sylph before, but I’ll take it. Wishing you a quiet Sunday, and thanks again. 😊

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  14. “I’m not running near the ocean. I don’t have Ray Bans. I don’t have orange Nikes or a tight fitting orange running jacket.” Other than that, I would have sworn it was you…

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  15. Yesterday, was one of my NO computer, No Cell days…was busy communing with nature… today I see the photo and the title and I think this will be good…the photo I thought must be Miss Rachel who has run a 10K, challenges her Dad in the 10,000 steps a day…and she is trying to boot you out the door…I read and I discover it is good natured Lori, who is a writer, who is encouraging who influences, who loves to move as she always goes to the gym, going to the gym is a good habit…I bet it must be hard though at times to go into the gym now that she has relocated to such a pretty location where there is so much to explore…I hope that your new location opens up new wonders to you in your creative endeavors…and in agreement with you Lori, DK doesn’t disappoint…

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