About right…

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  1. In your case..I have no doubt. 😜 But I do hope you enjoyed getting there 😊

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  2. ha, we don’t need a ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’ for that feeling…. 😉
    btw; I love everything Snoopy – so thanks – have a good recovery!

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  3. or more……)

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  4. Exactly. Then the left overs!

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  5. Sleeping deep
    Snoring awakes me from zzzzzzzzs
    Was it me..I think in sleep
    was it you in my dream
    That horrible crow with curved beak
    I want to sleep..I say it again
    I am sleeping ….deep

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  6. Ahhh, you never disappoint, pal! Now all I need is a DK running post..legs windmilling,.blisters bubbling up, stomach growling in protest, mind spewing out relevant quotes…and my holiday weekend will be complete. 😉

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Count on this to put a smile in my face … this early in the morning!!
    Yes, ’bout right!!

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  8. Should I admit that we had 2 Thanksgiving dinners yesterday? I’m in St Croix where my oldest son lives…popular? The trick was to eat just a little at the first meal. Like heaven here with a full moon over the ocean and the pools. Saw it went down to 12 at my home in NJ!

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  9. What? No going out into that black body-to-body crush to find the deals that are really the original price but now brought back to normal after having been boosted so that you ca believe you have a great deal?

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  10. I could use a lot of those posters.

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  11. Literally, truly, my favorite day of the year!

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  12. So what desserts where served at the Kanigan Home?
    Been home all day…the dear hubby has been watching college football games < one a snow game oh how he loves snow games…we looked at web cams yesterday, some areas had nice weather and some snowy of course Jackson Hole cam showed it snowing…the weather guru husband was so snowbound having grown up in North Dakota that he must see the excitement via of web cams…and my blood sugar was up this morning must have been the mashed potatoes, stuffing and the generous slices of pumpkin pie with whipped cream!
    We were and are thankful for the blessings of Love, Shelter and Food and everything else in this beautiful world…

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