Saturday Afternoon

I went to the kitchen to start making lunch, but no sooner had I picked up a knife than I realized I was no longer ravenously hungry. Instead, I was very sleepy. I got a blanket, stretched out on the living room sofa, and promptly drifted off. I had a dream, a short one. It was clear and very vivid. But I couldn’t remember anything about it. Just that it was clear and vivid. It felt as though a fragment of real life had slipped into my sleeping mind by mistake. Then the moment I awoke, it fled like a quick-footed animal, leaving no trace behind.

~ Haruki Murakami, Killing Commendatore: A Novel. (October 9, 2018)

Photo: Yourtango


  1. if only we could hold onto them for just a minute longer –

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  2. Always so strange (and desperately frustrating) when you know you have had a detailed dream but just quite grasp the strands…

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  3. I loved this! Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Brilliant pairing – again 😉
    That was me, today….. Brought HH to train station, walked to a shop, thought: Hey good, I shall only buy what *I* want to cook for the next 3 days, put my purchases in my backpack and then I was so tired that I couldn’t walk past the restaurant at the entry and I stuffed myself silly with a (rather terrible, but then I’m spoilt) meal of fries and chicken pieces, in the garden under the watchful eyes of a family of sparrows – I was SO boundless tired I nearly fell in my plate with my face…. Walked back to the appartment where we presently stay and after this comment I shall have an espresso and lie down….. the first time in ‘like forever’….. 🙂

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    Waking up … hungry! Yet tired … ‘I went to the kitchen to start making lunch, but no sooner had I picked up a knife than I realized I was no longer ravenously hungry.’

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  6. Happened to me just this morning. Vivid dream… can’t remember one iota of it. What is UP with that? I would dearly love to snooze on the couch this afternoon but must work my 9th day in a row… Sigh…

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  7. Yes! Every night.

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  8. Great photo!

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  9. I am an amazing dreamer. Psychic dreams about my life and others, but my best and most favorite dreams are that of my son. Fleeting to say the least, but all so real. They are moments in another world, that has no time, and always pulls me back to my reality, reminding me I am still here, and he is not. 😢


  10. A nap is such a gift…

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