It’s been a long day

Daily life, work you chose and profess to love, domestic detail, the call and reply of other people’s lives, the beloveds mixed in there with everybody else who has a claim on you, the sheer wants and requests, always heard as demands, the gnats of need buzzing. Deadlines. Delivering. Always. Not to mention the weights of the past, hanging like bells gonging from your wrists.

Patricia HamplThe Art of the Wasted Day


Notes. Photo: Thainá Reinert (via Your Eyes Blaze Out). Related Posts: It’s been a long day


  1. Funny…I am in the middle of writing a blog that is overstimulated and thoughts of a never-ever-after. Must be Tuesday. Thank you, friend.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Yes, it’s been a long day … time to chill and relax!!

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  3. I read this with a pang because I did in fact waste the day. I wish I had done more. That desire is my problem and my remedy.

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  4. Bin there. Wish I could have my time back so I could say, “No.”

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  5. The Weight

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  6. Such great words. Had to smile (a bit smugly, sorry) because my Tuesday was exceptionally Ok-ish 😉 A few demands I was able to fullfil without actually ‘killing me’, a few offers of help which were accepted with gratitude, time for a ‘wander about’ and preparation of very appreciated food…. A good day, stressless, sunshine, peace! Too rare….
    But then I’m not at home, the usual domestic chores forgotten, I’m in my home country for a few days, and all I do, offer, propose are greatfully received and taken with thanks and praise; so what is not to like. Of course, once I should be living here again full time all that will change and pressure will be put on me again.
    This Patricia Hempl – I think one could quote every sentence, every paragraph and find something to hold on to. An amazing person.

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  7. I’m reading this now. Waiting for her to go back to the space under her childhood tree and watch the sky.

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