T.G.I.F.: It’s been a long week

Photo: (via Newthom)


  1. lean on me.

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  2. big big smile here…. Returned late Monday from a UK holiday. And yet it seems to have been a VERY LONG week already. Feel totally exhausted; and not from the hols….

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  3. OMG! How precious!!

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  4. You know it’s the universe playing with your mind, don’t you….

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  5. I hope that little girl doesn’t develop jowls like the dog. She already has that sad dog look. She’s a little cutie, but you can see what could happen. They say people start to look like their dogs….

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    Yes, indeed … quite the long week!! Need some loving …

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  8. A toss up….who has the sadder face?

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  9. Precious

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  10. She is such a precious, darling child, with a light swipe of fine dirt on her angelic cheek.. she seems so scared…thankful she has a sweet protector who she is holding on to with her curled up fingers and an adult with her…the photo brings to my mind a child in war torn Britain during WWII, confused and carry much fear…I don’t know if it is a vintage image?

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