It’s Been A Long Day

It’s a been a long day. You’ve turned on the tube and flip to a cable news channel. Any news channel will do. MSBC. CNN. Fox.

You expect a deluge of the following:

Amarosa. Secret Tapes. Hush Money. Collusion. Russia. Manafort. Cohen. Yanking Security Clearances. Secret tapes. Rigged Witch Hunt. Michael Avenati. Stormy Daniels. Putin. Cover-ups. Tariffs. Trump Tower Meeting. Lies. Fake News.

Instead, you sit mesmerized watching the media and Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the Daily Press Briefing in a back and forth exchange:

  • Media A: “Sarah: Can you tell us about the President’s plans to improve the math, science and english scores for all of our children?”
  • Media B: “Sarah: Can you tell us what the government is doing to return the 450 migrant children who have been separated from their parents?”
  • Media C: “Sarah: Can you tell us what the Government is doing to prevent the spread of red tide and the killing of hundreds of species of sea life in Florida? And what we’re doing to prevent this from happening again?”
  • Media D: “Sarah: Can you tell us about the President’s plans on improving the state of our nation’s airports, highways, subways and railways?”
  • Media E: “Sarah: Can you tell us what we are doing to stop the spread of the California wildfires?”
  • Media F: “Sarah: Can you tell us what we are doing to protect our children from gun attacks in our schools?”
  • Media G: “Sarah: Can you tell us what we are doing to prosecute the 300 priests who molested 1000’s of children in Pennsylvania over the last 70 years?”


Photo: Washington Post


  1. Don’t get me started! I won’t get me started. But I don’t watch TV

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  2. Shame… after day

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  3. So many long days.
    Too many…

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  4. Where are the answers?
    Is silence the answer

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    • Silence would be wonderful!

      We are overcome with the feeling that in this small corner of the atmosphere there reigns complete and utter silence…

      ~ Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows (Published December 1st 1977 by Leete’s Island Books, first published 1933)


  5. Critcal issues, every one, yet what will we get? Tweets about ‘Lyiin’ so and so’ and ‘lowlife such and such’ or ‘the biggest audience to ever attend a pep rally for the president….’ It is enough to make one weep or scream…Every. Single. Day.

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  6. and the answer to all of that is “no.”

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  7. watching the YTube short vids of the Stephen Colbert late show is all I can handle ….. and it suffices 😉

    (Isn’t he marvellous????)

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  8. At the risk of being unpopular and worse, I ask, what role is “this” playing in all of our psyche’s, and what kind of inner work is going begging. [?]

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  9. Daniel McAfee says:

    How many years do you have to go back before those questions to a president would be senseless… before a president would say “none of that is my responsibility… all of that is for the people to fix.”

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