I’m always in quest of the holy grail of books

I’m always in quest of the holy grail of books, the perfect book that explains it all, the book whose beauty is as fierce as lightning and whose meaning points to true north, so I dip into thousands of books for a moment and note that this, too, is not it.

~ Rebecca Solnit, in “Rebecca Solnit: By the Book” (NY Times, August 16, 2018)


Portrait: sfweekly


  1. Love her essays and work, thanks for sharing this!

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  2. the ongoing search –

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  3. Wonder if she’s read the Holy Bible? If so what she thought…

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  4. Thank you, I’m looking her up…interesting. Anyone who appreciates George Orwell that much has discernment.

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  5. I haven’t read (anything) in 8 weeks!
    My soul is parched because of that and I have no idea why I haven’t picked up anything in this long.

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  6. I wasn’t able to read the NY Times article as I don’t have a subscription… I am missing out!

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  7. Gosh, I wish she would have tried the bible… Thank you Christie, I thought the same!
    I don’t really read the bible but IF I could only take ONE book on the famous island, it would be the bible.

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