It’s been a long day

The mind is a hotel with a thousand rooms. When I tilt my head a certain way, I think about certain things. When I tilt my head another way, I think about other things. If I sleep on the right side of my face, for example, I’d dream of a pale rose, the future, or a continental diner in Passaic, New Jersey. When I sleep on the left side of my face, I’d dream that a hand is squeezing my heart, that I’m in prison, or that I’m watching hockey at an airport bar, about to miss a flight.

~ Linh Dinh, “The Mind” from All Around What Empties Out



  1. Your mind is a hotel with a thousand rooms!

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  2. That sounds just about right… 1000 rooms…

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  3. Interesting that the right side of the brain is in charge of emotions (creativity), and the left side more for order and organization (reality).

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  4. Wow wow – what a post – MY mind has probably even more rooms, most are arranged and furnished in a slightly hasty way, as if the thoughts living in them are bursting at the seams….
    I’ve learned and maybe that’s a help, dear Dave, that sleeping on your right side troubles your heart and digestive system the least…. Sleeping on your back for part of the night is health-wise the best but you might snore more easily (I know ppl who snore easily in any position…).
    Good night

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  5. and tnen there are times when it’s clear i’ve checked out early.

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  6. Think I’ve been in the service elevator of late…. :-O

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Love this analogy … ‘The mind is a hotel with a thousand rooms.’ … and how correct this statement is!!

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  8. @Lori – omg – LOL
    @Beth – haven’t thought of that one (yet)!

    Dave, you have the BESTest faithful readers – love all their minds and comments 🙂


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