I’m Not Going Anywhere

I tripped into David Ramirez and this tune on Billions, Year 3, Episode 6 – “The Third Ortolan”. He’s an American singer-songwriter from Houston, TX, currently based in Austin.

“The best damn songwriter you don’t know yet”. – Paste Magazine

“Soulful, stirring, heartbreaking. David makes you hang on the turn of every phrase”. – The Civil Wars

“He knows no luxury. He wants no satisfaction. All he needs is an acoustic guitar and the words in his mouth to tell the true stories of a wandering man. But to see him live, with only that acoustic guitar in hand, spitting those words into rings of fire, is to experience something real…something that cannot be reproduced.” – Rudyard’s British Pub

Notes: Find David Ramirez’s Album “We Not Going Anywhere” on itunes and Amazon. Find his website here: davidramirezmusic.com.


  1. What an intense voice! Superb.

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  2. Interesting, he sounds an awful lot like Greg Brown: https://youtu.be/KCCY5n2KhhI

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  3. “Loud and Clear”

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  4. Sawsan says:

    How come for every 2 times I’m reminded in not immortal, You, you David Kanigan, are responsible for one of them?

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  5. I was thinking of Leonard Cohen – one of my all-time favourite ‘non singers’….

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  6. Wow…. what a voice! Thank you so much for introducing us to him.
    I watched Billions for the first 2 seasons than changed my TV plan and lost the channel… So much good music is used in that show.

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  7. I like it. Are you familiar with Amos Lee? Not as gravelly, but just as soulful. Ramirez is reminding me of somebody else, but I’ll have to get back to you on who it is. A bit like some early Leonard Cohen, but that’s not it. Maybe Tom Russell?

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  8. I haven’t seen, “Billions”, but am a big fan of Damien Lewis. Have you seen him as Henry VIII in “Wolf Hall”? You must!

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