Sunday Morning

Let’s ease in softly on a pretty day. Spring came to New York this week after a month of gloomy cold and drizzle. The sun was out. Monday afternoon just before dusk there was a bird outside my window, all by itself and singing so loudly—byeet-byeet-chur-chur-chur. Over and over as if it had just discovered its voice. I was emailing with a friend, your basic hard-bitten journalist, and told him what I was hearing—it sounded like the beginning of the world. He wrote back not with irony but with the information that a band of baby rabbits had just taken over his garden and were out there hopping and bopping: “They are so excited to be on earth.” This struck me as the most important news of the day.

~ Peggy Noonan, What Does This Moment Demand of Us? (, April 26, 2018)

Photo: Vivienne Gucwa with New York City in Spring


  1. We should all be so happy to be on this earth! Happy Sunday. xo

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  2. Yes!

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  3. Anonymous says:


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  4. Ah, to be a bunny hopping around on a Sunday morning. (btw, nice header)

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  5. there is no finer way to feel

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  6. There’s a sparrow nest just outside the room I sit in the most. Noticed it on Friday. When they’re there it’s like they’re right here inside with me.
    Yes, I rearranged the furniture so I can watch the nest at all times.

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  7. Ahhh, to be a baby rabbit for a day…

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  8. I think these days many people miss out on these simple pleasures in life because they have their eyes on their phones and their ears plugged with digital sound so much of the time. I love technology, but this IMHO is one of the downsides of it.

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  9. Oh I agree…. I often wake up after a too short night and just smile happily to myself – birds singing their tiny hearts out, maybe a dog barking a ‘don’t trespass’ to a strolling cat, love doves chattering! Yesterday we were invited – a group of 2 men and 6 women – suddenly, in all our laughing, talking, listening to the chicks of the hosts, telling and noise of that group – the parrot started to imitate certain noises, voices, the telephone ringing – we nearly collapsed and were doubly happy afterwards 🙂

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  10. As I was sitting on my patio with my coffee early this morning listening to the birds feeding their young ones in the neighbors tree and watching the sun come up…slight gentle breeze…temperature perfect (to get into the 90’s later)…I stop and feel blessed of the wonder and beauty of the world we live in….great to hear from you Dave!!

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