Oh my, I say

It is the season of the meruňka—apricot time. It’s unclear when, exactly, she had time to make the dough for the little pillows of these dumplings, when she managed to buy the apricots… She pours melted butter over the ivory lumps in our shallow soup plates, then a brief snowstorm of sugar and crumbled white cheese, dry and salty. We pierce the puffery of the dough with big dessert spoons. Out comes the yellow-orange fruit, melting from the dumpling’s creamy white, like a perfectly coddled egg. Oh my, I say. They both beam at me. You see, you see, Anna says, as if I have finally seen the light she keeps trying to show me. My pleasure is proof that, in spite of everything I get wrong, maybe I’m learning after all what matters in life.

Patricia HamplThe Art of the Wasted Day (Published April 17, 2018)



  1. Yum..l

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  2. Oh, what heaven.

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  3. Mmmmm, that looks yummy, and it’s totally righteous, I mean, you’re eating fruit, right?

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  4. Looks delicious. Reminds me of my mother’s plum dumplings.

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  5. Begin your day with Hampl…. new credo!
    After this morning’s confirmation service we had an excellent meal with some amazing dessert. I’m NOT a dessert person but being a good sport I took it on me to order something. In France it’s mostly called a Café Gourmet, that’s a tiny coffee and a few samples of the restaurant’s dessert choices. All of my three samples were nothing less than glorious and although I didn’t ‘need’ a dessert like an extra hole in my face, it was well worth sinning a bit. The dumpling pic goes so super with my experience of today!
    BTW; with my bad eyesight these could have easily been soft boiled eggs, with a panade of breadcrumbs 🙂

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  6. Now that’s a dessert I would eat!

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  7. this description was utterly amazing –

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  8. When we live fully in each moment and see the infinite beauty, “Oh my!” Is all we can say 🌈💕

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  9. Delicious! Now I have to get hold of that book!

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