5:00 P.M. Bell!

Photo: Young watchdog Enzo pulls on the rope of 17-year old cow Belinda, which has already yielded 150,000 liters of milk, in Heckenbach, Germany. (wsj.com, March, 27, 2018, Thomas Frey)


  1. Gotta admire his spunk. Come on, Belinda, it’s Happy Hour!!! 🙂

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  2. Let’s go and have some fun 🐥🌷🐥

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  3. Belinda obviously doesn’t know that she is fully controled by Enzo Junior! Sweet…. Happy Drinkies’ Hour

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  4. I love this photo!

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  5. That is beyond precious!
    Have a fabulous Easter Weekend, David!

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  6. What is it about ‘little’ dogs; they think they’re ten feet tall and bulletproof. I have three ‘little’ giants just like this gorgeous pooch.. And, Daisy really doesn’t look all that perturbed. If she wanted to she could really kick his little bottom from paddock to paddock! So cute!
    Happy Easter break, David..

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  7. Dogs are most always my comic relief.

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