Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Photo: Matt Cowell (via Cheetah Camp). “Got into this mass/pod/gathering of hippo in the southern Serengeti – as the river was drying up, so these animals amassed together in a soup of old water and faeces. It was interesting to note that despite there being over a hundred grouped together, there was little friction and there seemed to be a quiet patience and understanding, all were waiting for the rains, not just for the river to rise, but also the grasses to flush again on the plains so they didn’t have to wander so far at night for food. Until then each was forced to wait, and while waiting so use their neighbour as a leaning post as they lazed through the hot hours of the day…”


  1. Starting the week in a soup of old water and feces. And I haven’t even started reading the morning paper yet….🤭

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  2. community.

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  3. I’m good as long as s/he doesn’t yawn…

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  4. Nothing prettier than a crap-covered hippo. A perfect “Monday” Theme.

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Hey there … good looking!! Time to wake up …

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  6. I suppose it’s a good way to start Monday morning. Things can only get better.

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  7. now, that’s being good natured!


  8. Rather them than me. He looks pretty cheerful though!

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