Who put out the fire?

I’m 1/3 of the way through Tara Westover’s book “Educated: A Memoir” and it’s a Wow.

For book reviews, check out:

“For eighteen years I never thought of that day, not in any probing way. The few times my reminiscing carried me back to that torrid afternoon, what I remembered first…Now, at age twenty-nine, I sit down to write, to reconstruct the incident from the echoes and shouts of a tired memory. I scratch it out. When I get to the end, I pause. There’s an inconsistency, a ghost in this story. I read it. I read it again. And there it is. Who put out the fire?”

~ Tara Westover, “Educated: A Memoir”

Highly recommended.



  1. Definitely in the queue..fascinating life so far…

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  2. this sounds fascinating

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  3. And….. yet another reading recommendation!
    I find this so scary – as I find testimonials of ‘escapees’ of other religions scary. As an active Christian myself, my strong faith has (hopefully) made me kinder, more understanding, less judgamental, but I sometimes see videos of former (insert name) members and everything in me says: This is so not right….
    In the Guardian review one para stood out for me: Her background says something important about the US: that even in a place of great opportunity, you can grow up without any idea of how to touch its white-hot centre. This memoir tracks all the ways that traditional American life puts up roadblocks and actively dissuades you from outgrowing your “roots”. . Makes me sad again….
    Sure looks like a book well worth reading! Shall see if I come across it when visiting UK next time.

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  4. Last week I listened to her story in the car on Fresh Air. If you have not already heard it you will find it interesting. She is so curiously rational. https://www.npr.org/2018/02/24/587981677/fresh-air-weekend-from-survivalist-childhood-to-cambridge-actor-richard-jenkins

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  5. For the question – ask those who are frightened to look at it ;D

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  6. Sounds fascinating, and can’t believe I missed the NPR interview, but will rectify that omission momentarily. Into the queue it goes…thanks pal!

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  7. Interesting that The Guardian found the author’s voice still somewhat unformed. Not your take, I’m guessing.

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  8. Thanks for the recommendation Dave ❣️

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  9. I got so lost in listening to the Fresh Air link (thank you Elizabeth) I forgot to respond. Thank you, again, Mr. Kanigan, for increasing my “to-read” list

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